Are you InSaNe?
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Are you InSaNe?

Ever question your sanity? Don't have any sanity to question? If you're even bothering to read this, I'm sure you must be a little nutty.

Question 1:How often do you wonder how crazy you must be?
Just a little...
Every couple days
Every day
ALL the f'ing time.

Question 2:How's your attention span?
It gets longer every day!
It's normal, I'd say.
Shorter and shorter
Umm...what was the question?

Question 3:If I asked you to jump into a giant vat of melted chocolate chip ice cream...would ya do it?
No, that's just stupid.
I'd consider it...
I guess so.
Hell yeah!
Da, only if I could eat it afterward.

Question 4:You are...
worried what others think of you
As insane as you feel like being

Question 5:Are you a nervous person? Any phobias? Maybe a bit paranoid? Frightened by loud noises?
That's a stupid question.
Nope, none of the above.
Maybe a couple of those...
All of them. That's me.

Question 6:If I saw a flying cow...
I'd know I was just dreaming
I'd shoot at it! Dinner for the neighborhood, bay-bee!
I'd run in circles screaming. I'm afraid of cows. 'Specially flying ones.
I'd try to fly, too. If a cow can, why can't I?
I'd capture it, breed it, and sell my amazing flying cows in a dark alley, for millions of dollars!! YAAAAHAHA!

Question 7:You consider yourself...
a little nutty
Could you hold on a second, while I go laugh hysterically as I flop like a fish on the highway?

Question 8:Old MacDonald had a...
4-legged goat
straight jacket and a box of corn flakes.
transsexual mistress who ended up drowning him in the toilet
well, he HAD a farm, until I burnt it to the ground :)

Question 9:I enjoy...
talking to myself
chewing off people's limbs
LALAaaaaaaaaaa........hum diddy dum....d'you say something?
lots of fun, strange activities you'd never think to mention

Question 10:If you could, you'd...
Learn to run across the highway wildly, screaming and throwing rocks, without getting arrested.
Learn to read.
Learn to sleep without drowning in your own drool
Learn to sleep with your eyes open
What is wrong with you? None of this nonsense!

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