How Insane Are You?
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How Insane Are You?

Do you ever hear voices telling you your pants are on backwards but they aren’t? Have you ever wondered what people are staring at? Does the term five-point restraints mean anything to you? Have you ever argued with your pet turtle Samson? Does it bother you that he wins? Do you then kill him and nail his remains to the wall as a warning to other turtles? Then this test is for you!…

Question 1:How do you feel about people touching you?
I’m ok with it really…after all we are all human
I really hate it but as long as there is no hugging …
They really need to stop that…I can’t handle it anymore
People don’t touch me

Question 2:When you hear the word “bunny” what do you think of?
Annoying garden pests
Soft warm and cuddly

Question 3:What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Party with my friends
End world hunger
Burn it, its blood money
Buy an island so I can be alone

Question 4:What kind of pet do you own?
A dirty sock

Question 5:Who do you think is out to get you?
The trolls that live in the sewers
No one
Everyone who looks at me...STOP looking at me!

Question 6:You come home and notice a statue has been moved, what do you do?
Shrug and move it back
Throw it out the window… it never liked me anyway
Look around suspiciously and back out of the room
Scream and yell at my roommate for touching my stuff

Question 7:Which sounds better?
A drum
A constant buzzing
A bell

Question 8:What person in your family do you most identify with?
My Mom
My Dad
My Sibling
My dead Uncle Fritz

Question 9:Which kind of music do you like the most?
My washing machine with small animals in it

Question 10:How many of these tests have you taken?
Just this one
A few
A lot but they are fun!
All of them

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