Are you sane?
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Are you sane?

So sometimes you hear voices, whispering mean things at you. Or maybe you could just swear that guy on the subway was plotting your death. Or maybe that's just me. Are you crazy? This quiz might tell you. Or not. Maybe you should see for yourself.

Question 1:I just accidentally poured half of my yogurt down the sink
I’m sorry…
I love you.
Good. It wanted to kill you anyway.
Man, I hate it when that happens! You know, some people think I shouldn’t turn it upside down over the sink. I think you should just do what I do, and lick it up(germs add protein, just like bugs)

Question 2:What is the meaning of life?
To accomplish something (or similar answer)
Where did all those weasels come from?

Question 3:Do you like scary movies?
Did you ever see that one movie where the guy kills little children and eats them? Man, that movie was great! I couldn’t stop laughing. It was really neat.
I REALLY love Silence of the Lambs. It spoke to me. Would you like to step inside? I have something to show you…
*cries* Shut up! I swear I didn’t kill your baby! Isn’t that enough? Why don’t you leave me alone?!?!

Question 4:Pop quiz: Which of the following words is spelled correctly? (hint hint, it’s the devil)

Question 5:Everybody secretly wants:
To be loved
Prosthetic foreheads on their real heads
To go on a killing spree and leave no one standing

Question 6:I am a very jaded giraffe.
That’s nice…
I am a very cynical onion (Thank you, Sean)
Ew! You’re creepy!
I feel so much better now. I thought I was the only one
Satin. Or SATAN. Whatever.

Question 7:Do you talk to yourself?
Sometimes, but not much
Doesn’t everyone?
Yes. And I talk back to me. (huh?)

Question 8:…Do you argue?
What kind of freak do you think I am?
No, but sometimes “I” do
Yes! All the time! I just wish I would give me some space. I really annoy myself
Sometimes it gets physical.

Question 9:Do you like to talk in the third person?
Well, sometimes.
He/She/It loves to

Question 10:What do you do in your free time?
Watch tv, go online, hang out with my friends
Make animal sacrifices with my cult
Eat people
Kill babies

Question 11:What's your favorite color?
BLOOD red.
Something commonly seen in the rainbow

Question 12:Do you sometimes start laughing for no reason, and then suddenly stop again?
Well, maybe, if I think of something really funny
All the time. People usually slowly back away, realizing why there's blood all over my outfit.

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