Just how insane are you?
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Just how insane are you?

People always say you're insane. And well, you believe them. But just how insane are you? After all, there are many different ways to snap. You may need to keep this, it'll become useful when the men in the white coats come to take you away.

Question 1:It's an average night home alone. You are...
Leaning out your window, shrieking "I'll jump! I will, dammit!" to no one in particular.
Coloring the walls black with a perma-marker. That'll teach your parents to paint your walls white...bleh.
Stare at the static on the TV and look for secret messages. They're in there.
Praising the Almighty Cow. Yes, the Almighty Cow.
Doing homework. You laugh now, but you'll see....you'll all see...

Question 2:After a long day, you go online for a couple of hours. You are...
None of your business...I don't go online anyway, THEY keep track of my websites that way.
staring at the Death Clock earnestly. Only 15,735,735,757,375,735,782,385,768,468 seconds left till death...
Researching Jeffrey Dahmer (a famous serial killer) He was an artist, oh yes...
IM'ng random people and asking them to join the cult of the Everlasting Monkey.
playing RPG's and taking over small cities. First Tatunkopfia, then THE WORLD!

Question 3:In school people point and whisper about you because...
I am considered a "nerd." But they'll all see
You're constantly screaming and mumbling about rabid elephants out to get you.
They're all out to get you. Every last one of em.
you wear all black. And look weird...And give them dark stares.
You keep talking to yourself about murderous things.

Question 4:You're in a class. What are you doing?
Ignoring the teacher. Math is just a way to make your mind soft and susceptible to their brainwashing techniques.
Trying not to fall asleep. This is all so easy and unworthy of you.
Listening earnestly. It pays to be smart, that way you can be invaluable to the aliens when they come.
Thinking how nice it would be to walk to the front, put a gun in your mouth, and blow your brains out, splattering em all with blood. Just like Jeremy Wade Delle.
Writing little death poems in your notebook.

Question 5:You have to make a speech in English class. It's about...
How it's not fair that when little kids have imaginary friends, they're called CREATIVE but when adults do, they're called SCHIZOPHRENIC.
Some complicated technological thing that no one understands. Fools.
How Emily Dickinson was a visionary, how her poems are incredible, and how she really understood Death.
How MK-ULTRA is still in full use now and people shouldn't dismiss it as crap because it's REAL! REAL I tell you!
How serial killers are really victims and if you think about it, cops are fascists.

Question 6:If you were going to join an after-school club, it would be...
Drama. BE the penguin...BE the penguin....
Art. So you can take out your frustrations on the canvas and paint depressing things.
Ha. After-school club. Ha.
Chess. To prove how much smarter I am and to practice taking over the world on a small scale.
It doesn't matter. They're all plots to take over your mind anyway.

Question 7:If you could go anywhere in the world it would be to...
Canada. Because everyone hates Canada and everyone hates me.
To Washington DC to get used to my -future- home.
Aussie Land to frolic with the kangaroos. Frolic frolic frolic.
England. To visit the dark, medieval castles haunted by spirits of dead kings.
Roswell, New Mexic. For obvious reasons.

Question 8:In your free time, you like to...
Talk to the voices in the broccoli.
Play with sharp objects.
Research conspiracies and try to convince people of them.
Write poems about everything wrong with your life.
Plot ways of world domination.

Question 9:If you get arrested you would...
Use your superior smarts and wit to get them to let you go with a slap on the wrist.
Try to convince them that just because you look different, they're prejudiced and you didn't do anything wrong.
Do nothing. After all, you're powerless. And you're safer in jail than outside. Oh yes...
Ensure them that the Magical Elves are on your side and they should just let you go.
Sigh. You were NOT threatening to kill that guy. Who are they gonna believe, you or him?

Question 10:The nice men in the clean white coats finally take you away. You...
Scream. The government has won! Now the world will never know the truth.
Have absolutely no idea why. So, you must have actually did one of those evil things you were thinking about. Whatever. So you pretend to be a corpse and maybe no one will notice.
Keep telling them that the Cottage Cheese Man won't stand for this!
Murdered a bunch of people and your lawyer pleaded insanity. So that's why you're here. Because if you had committed suicide (also possible) you wouldnt be here.
Sigh. This will damper your plans for world domination. But when it happens, this place will suffer first.

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