How Insanely Retarded and Retardedly Insane Are You?
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How Insanely Retarded and Retardedly Insane Are You?

Ever wonder why you're the only one laughing? Or do you even notice? Let's face're not the sharpest tool in the shed, the brightest crayon in the box, etc, etc. But just how retarded are you?

Question 1:Do you make up words to make yourself sound smarter?
Uh, why would I do that?
No, you friggin retard!
Larfenny Boof!
If the mood strikes me...

Question 2:How many times have you run into things such as lockers or walls in the past two weeks?
More than I can remember (ouch!)
A couple
Precisely 0 times

Question 3:Do you start to tell people things and then totally forget what you were saying?
Ummmm I don't remember what I was going to answer...
If I am distracted
Never, for I am sharp as a tack

Question 4:Do you know the Fetus Cheese Man?
Yeah! We're like best friends!
No...but I would like to meet him
I think I've heard the name
Of course not! There is no such thing!

Question 5:Do you laugh and joke uncontrollably during Health class?
Yes! Oh God yes! LMAO
Sometimes the words strike me as funny!
I desperately try to contain myself but end up giggling a little
Why would I? Body parts are totally natural

Question 6:If I were to write a book called "The Fetus Cheese Man Meets Rumple Foreskin" would you read it?
Hell yeah! Sounds great!
Um maybe?
No...You deserve to die!
Of course not. It sounds stupid!

Question 7:Do you make funny noises just for the hell of it sometimes?
Baaaaa! *Dolphin noise* BRRRRREEEECCCHHH!
Why would I do that?
Of course not! I like to keep my dignity!
Hmmm never thought of it but thanks for the tip!

Question 8:Have you ever or will you ever try to fly?
I tried...and flew with the birdies!! NARF!
I tried...and broke my arm
No but I have always wanted to!
Flying disinterestÂ’s me.

Question 9:What do you when you don't understand something?
Answer with some word you've heard before but don't know the meaning of.
Smile, nod, and pretend to understand
Ask a question
I ALWAYS know what is going on

Question 10:Have you or do you want to make a Jackass movie?
What is Jackass?
No, that is stupid.
Hell yeah! I just need to plan it all out!
I already have and it kicked ass!

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