What Kind of Abnormal Are You??
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What Kind of Abnormal Are You??

Well, you could be insane, strange... anything really!! Let's see what you are.

Question 1:A guy/girl (doesn't matter) comes walking down the street. You:
Make Fart Noises.... Blame it on them
Say Hello
Hump Them
Bite Them
Sacrifice Them

Question 2:In general, monkeys are...
My Brothers
Meant to be bitten
Another sacrificial animal

Question 3:If I say "experiments" You think...
Like..... Biting things to see what happens
On me? No! No More!!!
Sexual experiments?
What we do in Science
That's not the same as sacrifice!!

Question 4:Have you ever danced naked?
They told me to quit!
....Or, NOT!!!
No.... I sacrifice goats
Yes, everyday!!!
I'm afraid I might bite something

Question 5:When you look in the mirror, you...
Actually, I bit the mirror and it broke
Recite ritualistic hymns
Do my hair (and make-up if you're a girl)
Scream and make monkey faces
Fondle myself

Question 6:Do you try bending spoons with your mind?
Yes, and it almost works
I bit a spoon!!!!!! It hurt my teeths
Spoons..... Oh, Yeah, spooooooooooons
Umm...... NO!!!!!
I gouge out the goat's eyes with a spoon...

Question 7:Who do you talk to on the phone?
I broke the phone..... I bit it.
Those dial-up sex people
Friends mostly
Ms. Cleo, I try to out-guess her

Question 8:Think..... Cardboard Boxes
I had sex in one of those..... unless i dreamt it
I Bit one
I keep goat heads in those
I play in those
Think..... You're an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 9:Choose One

Question 10:War in Iraq. Good or Bad?
War? Where? Since When?
Are they killing goats?
Good, Bad, do the results of the quiz depend on this??
I'd like to go visit a soldier, if you know what I mean
I'll bite Sadam!!

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