Insanity Test
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Insanity Test

Have you ever wondered just how insane or out of the ordinary you are? Do you find yourself fighting or arguing with yourself on a daily basis? Well this test will put your fears to rest!

Question 1:Do you ever talk to yourself?
How did you know?!
Only when people aren't around
I like eggs!

Question 2:Do you enjoy making random sounds out loud for no apparent reason?
Only to scare away the leprechauns...
I enjoy slapping myself with sausages!

Question 3:If a friend told you to eat another friend what would you do?
Looks like it's meat tonight!
Just say no to cannibalism
This question makes me hungry...
Slap the person and ask what's wrong with them

Question 4:Have you ever thought about or tried self-mutilation?
Once at a family reunion...
I would answer this question if my arms were still here...
Pick me! Pick me!
No comment
This test is f***in messed up!

Question 5:The pink parrot has perched and the cheese has landed.
You read my mind!
Once in a while
A few times...
What the f*** is that supposed to mean?!

Question 6:If someone randomly told you to tell a joke, what would your response be?
Stare at them and plot sweet revenge
Well one time at this family reunion...
Stare blankly into space while slapping an imaginary sausage
Walk away
Tell a joke

Question 7:Have you ever heard voices within your mind?
Only at the family reunion...
Don't eat the the cake...Razazza!
Yes...but only when there's a sausage in the room
La la la la la la la!

Question 8:Complete the sentence: There was a farmer who had a what?
Cocoa puffs and a bag of crack!
Stick of butter and a monk to his left!
Dog and Bingo was his name, o!
Crack whore!
I plead the fifth...

Question 9:Do you ever contemplate your own insanity?
Only when I look at who I'm married to...
Sometimes, but usually when I find myself at the family reunion
Excuse me while I go into the basement and tie myself to the ceiling with Bond-Aid
I enjoy covering myself with cocoa puffs and the like

Question 10:If a complete stranger came up to you and said that you ruined their life, what would you do?
Laugh out loud and walk away
Slap the person with a sausage and walk away
Awwwww! How? What can I do to make you feel better?
I'm not allowed to talk to strangers...
Think: Wow, the fumes from that White-Out experiment traveled farther than I thought...

This Quiz has been designed by Frank.