Are you a mean person?
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Are you a mean person?

Time to find out.

Question 1:Someone you trusted tells a girl/guy you like that you like them and a rumor is spreading. What do you do?
Say to them they're mean and that they're not your friend anymore.
Cry your pathetic little eyes out.
Go up to the person you like and apologize.
(I don't like anybody.)
Curse them out screaming, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!! Then beat them up.

Question 2:Someone tries to pick a fight with you, what do you do?
Say, 'I don't like fighting.'
Walk away.
scream, HELP! Like a little girl.
Tell them to @#$! theselves and beat the hell out of them.

Question 3:Who is your idol?
Elton John.

Question 4:You visit your friend. He wants to watch a childish PG rated movie. You...
Smile and say, YAY!
Say, 'Lets watch something else.'

Question 5:Someone is telling you and some friends about life in the ghetto and being poor. You and your friends are bored. You...
Say it's their problem and they need a life.
Express sympathy.

Question 6:Someone comes up to you and asks for $1. You...
Say, 'I don't have a buck.'
Smile and say, 'Here you go!'
Go get a life.

Question 7:What do you do on a Sunday morning?
Make fun of people for fun.
Go to church.
Smoke crack.

Question 8:A cop catches you trespassing. You...
Run like there's no tomorrow.
Say, '@#$! off fatass!'
Turn yourself in.

Question 9:Someone in the gym locker room is fat and has man-boobs(men) or fat gut(women or men). You...
Walk past.
Express sympathy.
Laugh at them and call your friends over so they can laugh too.

Question 10:What do you do when you get home from school?
Laugh at people who pass by your house.
Sit on the couch and smoke weed.
Do homework/study.

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