Do you belong in an insane asylem?
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Do you belong in an insane asylem?

Are you normal, or soon to be taken away by the men in white coats?

Question 1:Ok first of all do YOU think that you belong in an insane asylem?
no, but it will cool to work in one
errr no.....I see my self as being rather sane
me nooooo Muhhahaaaaaaaa
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! bring it on!!!!!!

Question 2:Do other people think you belong in an insane asylem?
I've been told once or twice, but it was only a joke......I think
Yeah people tell me all the that normal?
No, people are to scared to voice their opinion, Muhaahaaa!

Question 3:Have you ever been put into an insane asylem?
No, you would I?
Nope.....but who knows what could happen
Yeah, but I've escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I'm having the time of my life :)

Question 4:What do you think of padded rooms?
What is the padding made from????????
They can be good.....I think
Why would I think about padded rooms?

Question 5:Do you hear voices in your head?
errr no I can't say I do, what kind of freak are you?
Oh yeah alllllllllll the time
Yep they tell me to do things, BEWARE!

Question 6:SHEEEEEEEEP!!!
That's not a question
Sheep are evil!!!!!!
If you spray painted sheep pink do you think they will look like Candy floss?

Question 7:What would your reaction be if someone went Muhaaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!
Simply look dazed and smile :)
Be scared out of my wits
I would back away slowwwly
Suspect that they are spoiling my plans for world domination and simply respond with Muahahaaaaaa!!

Question 8:What do you think of all the E-numbers and colourings in food today?
Does it matter?!?!
OOOOO I like them, except when they turn EVIL like when I need to sleep then I can't sleep because they keep me awake
They make little kids hyper
E-numbers are evilllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

Question 9:If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
soooooo many to choose from......
I'm happy just the way I am
Something that makes me feel good and pays well :)
Serial Killer

Question 10:What do you think of this quizz?
Yes...what ever you say, yep yep
Does my opinion effect the outcome?
It's EVILLLLLLLLLLLL, Muhaahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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