Sanity Test
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Sanity Test

This will determine your level of insanity.

Question 1:If you are asked to go on jury duty at court, what would you do?
Go and serve your duty like a normal person.
Steal the judge's funny wig hat thing.
Spank everyone in the room.

Question 2:If you saw a man in a white coat, how would you react?
Greet him politely.
Kick him in the shin and steal his coat.
Run up and give him a hug while yelling "Daddy you came for me."

Question 3:When having a drink do you:
Take a mouthful and swallow normally.
Forget to swallow.
Forget to swallow and continue filling your mouth with your drink.

Question 4:Do you know who you are?
Of course I do, I don't just live as myself for the hell of it without knowing my name.

Question 5:What do you prefer to watch on tv?
Anything that seems interesting.
Barney and Friends.
The blackness that comes before I turn it on.

Question 6:There is a fence. On one side of the fence is Farm A and the other side is Farm B. If a rooster lays an egg on the fence, which farm will it land in.
Roosters don't lay eggs.
Farm A
Farm B
It will break and half will fall into each farms.

Question 7:How long is a piece of string?
Depends how long you want it to be.
This long. <---------------------------------->
Quiet. The voices are trying to tell me something.

Question 8:Albert who created the Theory of Relativity?

Question 9:10 + 10 =

Question 10:What was the first question about?
The one about court.
Something about chickens.
A potato and a banana.

This Quiz has been designed by Mad Mike.