Are You Insanely Evil?
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Are You Insanely Evil?

Well, are you?

Question 1:You see a child walking a dog. What do you do?
Kick the child. Then steal the dog.
Ask if you can pet it. The dog, not the kid.
Ask if you can pet it. The kid, not the dog.
Scream: "The big, mean, Cocker Spaniel bit me!"

Question 2:Do you make fun of obese people?
No! That's mean.
I only make fun of really really fat people.
Yes, they're so fat.
I never make fun of people.

Question 3:You buy something for fifteen bucks and use it four times. Someone wants to buy it. How much do you charge?
$11. Each time you use it, the value decreases.
$5. It's been used.
Free. You don't use it anymore.
$19. Each time YOU use it, the value increases.

Question 4:How many times a day do you make others feel bad?
People have feelings? Oh well.

Question 5:Someone buys you a very expensive present. What do you do?
Buy them a present of equal value.
Buy them a present of lesser value.
Not buy them anything. Why should you? They didn't ask.
Say "thanks."

Question 6:You sit by the nerdy kid in Math class. You didn't study for your test, and you can see the kid's answers clearly. WDYD?
I did too study!
Thank God for his neat handwriting
Glance at a couple of answers
Look at his answers and then try to figure out how he got them.

Question 7:This is question 7.
uh... ok...
So what?

Question 8:What do you find in your closet?
um... clothes?
Why? What do you have in YOUR closet?
Dead people
I can't see the floor.

Question 9:When you see an old lady struggling with heavy bags, what do you do?
Help her, of course!
Kick her in the shin and then laugh.
Smile meekly.

Question 10:Someone calls you a b****. What do you do?
Be offended.
Thank them.

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