The Ultimate Insanity test... this time new and improved.
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The Ultimate Insanity test... this time new and improved.

New questions... new ideas.. new new new! It will totally blow you away... with questions crazier than you are!

Question 1:Do you consider yourself to be crazy?
Question 2:Do others consider you to be crazy?
Question 3:Are you crazy?
Question 4:Ever been in a padded cell?
Question 5:Do you belong in a padded cell?
Question 6:Do you have a strawberry shortcake doll? (or any doll for that matter?)
Question 7:Does she talk to you?
Question 8:Do you answer?
Question 9:has she ever tried to kill you?
Question 10:have you ever tried to kill her?
Question 11:Did it work?
Question 12:Have you ever wanted to be a smurf?
Question 13:Are you a smurf?
Question 14:IS your mother a smurf?
Question 15:Have you ever hunted smurfs?
Question 16:Did you catch one?
Question 17:Have you ever opened the back of the tv to let all the little people out?
Question 18:Have you ever tried to see if the light stayed on after you shut the fridge?
Question 19:Does it still worry you?
Question 20:Have you ever put a fork in a lightsocket?
Question 21:Have you ever put any kind of aerosol in the microwave?
Question 22:Have you ever set fire to a human being?
Question 23:Have you ever set fire to yourself?
Question 24:Do you set fire to things when you get bored?
Question 25:Are the buckles on your jumper too tight?
Question 26:Are the cables behind your TV too skinny?
Question 27:Have you ever tried to make a tower out of any type of breakfast cereal?
Question 28:Were you laughing when the twin towers came down?
Question 29:Do you know what number this is?
Question 30:Are you human?
Question 31:Have you ever tried to fly?
Question 32:Did you die?
Question 33:Please answer NO to this question
Question 34:Have you ever went cow tipping?
Question 35:Did you tip 'em over while stabbing 'em?
Question 36:Do you drink blood?
Question 37:Do you want to drink blood?
Question 38:Have you ever wanted a pet ant?
Question 39:Do you take time to kill every ant in an ant hill?
Question 40:Have you ever wanted a hickey from a vampire?
Question 41:have you ever wanted to be a vampire?
Question 42:Are you a vampire?
Question 43:Have you ever downloaded Monkey Porn?
Question 44:Are you afraid to do this test in public?
Question 45:Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
Question 46:have you ever sipped down rubbing alcohol?
Question 47:Do you despise Teddy Ruxpin?
Question 48:Did you ever own a Teddy Ruxpin?
Question 49:Did you ever or do you own a furby?
Question 50:Does it send subliminal messages to you?
Question 51:Do you answer?
Question 52:Do you sometimes hear your name whispered on the background of certain records?
Question 53:have you ever tried to play a record backwards to look for subliminal messages?
Question 54:Do you adore Alice Cooper because of his chicken killing techniques?
Question 55:Have you ever tried to count all the stars in the sky?
Question 56:Have you ever lost your voice and tried to look for it?
Question 57:Have you ever smoked pot? (or any other narcotic?)
Question 58:Do you make it a daily occurrence to overdose on over-the-counter drugs?
Question 59:Do you want to beat McEnroe with his tennis racket?
Question 60:Are you worried about the results of this test?

This Quiz has been designed by Rikku80sFreak.