Just how mad are you?
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Just how mad are you?

You know that person who always seems to be bouncing off the walls and giggling insanely. That's madness. How mad are you?

Question 1:You are in a shopping centre and you get the urge to laugh for no reason. Do you:
Stifle it and wait till you're outside.
Let it go, loud and proud startling the old lady with the blue hair.
Slap yourself to calm down.

Question 2:Do you sing when you're by yourself?
I do it so often I don't even realise that I'm doing it!
Only if I know I won't be caught.
Errr hello? That's a mad thing to do. I ain't mad!

Question 3:Do you see things that no one else sees? Eg a face in the bushes. A purring lampost?
Nope. Never. Noooooooo.
Would you tell if I said yes?
Hell yes! So it's not just me!

Question 4:What is your reaction to running out of cereal?
Nervous twitches and thoughts of suicide.
Shucks. I'll catch some later at the supermarket.
Noooo!!!!! It can't be! This is madness! Madness I tell you! *bangs head on wall and dives onto furniture*

Question 5:Your best friend cracks an unfunny joke that no one laughs at but you find funny. You:
Start laughing and turn it into a cough
jump up and down laughing outrageously thumping your hands on the floor and your eyeballs popping out of your head.
Look them straight in the eye and say 'That wasn't funny dude.'

Question 6:How often do you say words that you've made up that have no meaning?
Wapper moo? Hongtai tiddly pash!
I speak English. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Only when I'm alone.

Question 7:Why are you taking this test? Do you:
know that something might be causing those twitches apart from your maniacal boy/girlfriend.
seriously fear for your sanity.
think there must be something beyond this utter calmness and sanity.

Question 8:When you are walking down a busy street do you:
walk right behind someone and imitate their walk. Even when alone.
Stare at people through your hands, sniggering occasionally
Walk normally dude. I ain't a freak!

Question 9:Do you like to take the mickey out of other people?
God yeah, I just don't care. Gimmie a guy with a bent spine anyday!
Only those who can defend themselves
No. I know I'm better than others anyway. So why lower myself?

Question 10:You've finished the test. How do you feel?
As mad as when I started.
Calm. Sane. Bored of life.
Twitchy. *twitches violently.*

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