What Kind of Insane Person Are You?
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What Kind of Insane Person Are You?

We already know you're insane. So what KIND of insane are you?

Question 1:Favorite color?
Happy bouncy yellow.
Blue water, I'm a fishy! Swim, swim, swim...
Red...blood, blood red...

Question 2:What's your perspective on squirrels?
Aww, how CUTE!!! *squeeze, hug*
Free food...free RAW food.
I LOVE nuts...what are YOU doing by MY nest?
I saw a squirrel once...

Question 3:How many fingers do you have on one hand?
But I have paws.
My fingers are pretty!
*puts one hand in front of face and stares blankly*
4...I accidentally bit it off while dreaming about my neighbor's pet fish

Question 4:Apple juice?
If it's not red and warm I won't drink it.
I LOVE apple juice!! :) apple juice, apple juice, apple juice...

Question 5:What do you think of children, generally?
*hides from the miniature manpeople*
The cause of my bloody impulses...
Aww! Let me pet you!
That tiny spot on the wall...

Question 6:What's the next question?
Are you a fluffy rodent like me?
May I please gut you like a FISH AND EAT YOU FOR DINNER?
*thinks hard* Is this a trick question?

Question 7:If you were stranded on an island, where no other people lived, all alone, what ONE thing would you be sure to bring?
I...wouldn't go...
Something that goes BOOM. And ammo.
...I live there.
Sun tan lotion!

Question 8:Where do you live?
In a big place with lots of screaming people and fluffy walls.
In a tree.
Where do YOU live? Do you have CHILDREN?
...wall...hehe, wall...

Question 9:How much do you sleep?
I hunt at night.
All winter.
The wall turns dark at night.
I get lots and am a morning person! :)

Question 10:Do you love someone?
The wall.
I find a new mate each mating season, but I always want to mate...
Everyone I've...loved...had died in a pool of their own blood, so no.

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