Are you mad? Test

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We're all a little bit crazy, but some of us take it to greater extremes than others. If you suspect you have irrational impulses, or that your reality isn't all that well defined, this quiz may or may not be mildly helpful and/or amusing.

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    Finish the thought: Being inside my head is like...

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472 days ago
atchoo hi avrywon i’m just texting you everything i’m thinking and doing and hearing. now if your real quiet maybe you can hear Cody too. he speaks quietly. he’s sitting right next to me. say hi cody.. he said hi everyone did you hear him so cute anyway he is amazing and is a great listener and if i’m a good girl he’ll talk back sometimes. i luvvvva him. gotta go now. he’s showing me his pointy object collection and what they can do to skin and how painful it is. maybe he’ll try it on me! hahaha bye bye ❤️
826 days ago
874 days ago
You know this quiz is kinda ok but seriously it's weird 😉
900 days ago
Ooh. Mad. Mady. Mado. Madster. Uhdbbrcrnncfbjc
Mwahaha! Wait? Mad? Madd? Ooh. HA! This is fun.
900 days ago
Yes! I always suspected I was mad! Wait. What were we talking about? Hmmm. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
900 days ago
Wow. I’m Mad.Yep. Says I am completely mad.
1287 days ago
I am mad no............(
1368 days ago
cool i got normal who else did
1424 days ago
Well said...!!! This is exactly what I'm... MAD!! Ha ha ha
1439 days ago
Who?I'm normal?It's a surprise because my family says that I'm weird,but I guess I'm normal and I know it's true.
1474 days ago
Logical person and me... 😂😂😂😂😂 is that fellow kidding me?
1542 days ago
hello there do u like tea cause i do and my pearants named me maddie cause im always so MAD!
1603 days ago
AH HAH i knew i was Half mad YAS now i can dress up as a wonderland character
1628 days ago
i knew i was mad but in a phycopath way my murderous life has just begun
1723 days ago
I Do Not Want To Be Mad And I Am Not Mad.just go to Are You Mad? test!
1729 days ago

I believe I am.

I am ham.


I lost my train of thought.

1765 days ago
i want to be mad in this quiz, but i'm failed :(.. but he/she tells truth.. :)
1780 days ago
I am not semi normal. I dont want to be normal.
2305 days ago
The test was quite interesting, but stupidtest was more interesting as at that test they ask stoopid questions....
2386 days ago
why would any one take this type of test i thing u guys are really mad!!!!