Are You Completely INSANE?

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Have you wondered if you are insane? You must have if people look at you weird. People look at everyone weird. You have to have wondered if you are weird.

  • 1
    What are you most likely to buy at the mall?
  • 2
    If you see someone weird doing something weird, what would you do?
  • 3
    What would you name your child if you had one?

  • 4
    Do you like cheese?
  • 5
    If I say something random what will you say?
  • 6

  • 7
  • 8
    Do you like my quiz?
  • 9
    This is the second to last question. How do you feel now?
  • 10
    I am leaving now.

Comments (6)


197 days ago
Ha. Crazy no… who told you I was crazy, huh tell me and I’ll hunt them down they will be no more but if you lie I will hunt you down and you will be no more when I was 15 I’m 12 currently I went to juvie. Wait I’m not 15 yet well we’ll see what happens then but once I killed like five birds and hung them
289 days ago
iyam nowt carazy. Coby leave me aloneeee
524 days ago
OK............... so am I the only remotely normal person on this test (and that's saying something because my art consists of playing frankenstien with china dolls and cute teddies)? The test maker is just weird and the comments below this are CRAZY. I really feel for you, Flunt Errata - I hope you got away from that evil beech. I wonder how old you are now? And yes, I have had similar thoughts at 11 and probably younger to the ones you described.
669 days ago
Yay to the the😻!

*goes to cry all feelings out
780 days ago
Insane? Me? Well, maybe a little. I do think a lot like some psychopath.....Have you ever wondered in the age of 11 what would it feel like to stab someone's eye with fork, take it out, and touch it? Or if you killed someone right now, would the police catch you, and if they did, what would they do? I like to leave secret messages in...well everything. Like math! Once my (now ex) girlfriend....well you could say she was abusing me, so when i had to solve a math problem, i putted the answer 239,1400 (and it was right!) to the problem, looking the whole time in my girlfriends eyes. And then i had to say the answer out loud, so i said 23.9. 14.00, and my teacher was all like "That's not how you say it!!" And i was all like, "I know..." looking directly at my girlfriends eyes. The day, month and time, was when she started abusing me for the first time. Wait....I was talking about leaving a secret message, so what the hell am i talking about?! Well, 2=B 3=C 9=I 1=A 4=D B=By C=Caring I=I A=ARCHIEVED D=DIS We turn D into T and we get By Caring I Archieved This?! And most people would say that this was impposible, like how was they supposed to know?! Well with the other messages connecting to this ofcourse! It's like a puzzle! You find the first piece and put it in it's place until you find the second! Slowly the puzzle starts forming, and makes a lot more sense than in the start!
821 days ago
This little 12 year old is crazy crazy crazy and only has 10 friends! And I have reasons to believe that my mother is paying them fifty three six pinnaples per century but I am a cat so I do not know.