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How insane are YOU?

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Could you possibly be more insane than me and my friends Zack, Kalvin, Lee, Lissy, and other people I've met? Let's find out!

  • 1
    Is this the last question?
  • 2
    Do you randomly burst out singing songs from Broadway wherever you go?
  • 3
    Have you ever tried calling down a Bud Light truck?
  • 4
    If one of you're best friends comes back to work/school from being sick and your other friend says "Hey your not sick anymore!", do you follow that up by saying "or choking on your own spit!"?
  • 5
    Do you ever have the urge to badly imitate your worst enemy to make your friends laugh?
  • 6
    (This is my friend Lee's crazy) Do you make up insulting songs about every mean boss/teacher you get?
  • 7
    Do they catch on fairly quickly?
  • 8
    Do you try crippling people you don't like using only your mind?
  • 9
    Do you have a scary Chuckie face?
  • 10
    Does it make small children shudder/scream/cry?
  • 11
    Do make funny jokes about crack, weed, being high without having ever TOUCHED drugs or alcohol?
  • 12
    (This is my crazy) Do you have a convincingly freaky face twitch?
  • 13
    Would you ever let a savage little girl kick your nuts?
  • 14
    After at least TWENTY attacks, would you still not run away?
  • 15
    (This is me) Would you scream at a 2 teenage skate borders skating without shirts to "put their shirts back on and take them off again once they get abs"?
  • 16
    Would kick the shin of someone in higher authority or age than you for the fun of it?
  • 17
    (This Lee's insanity) Would you insult Hilary Clinton in the presence of a crazed 11 year old fan?
  • 18
    (This is my friend Lissy)
    Would you ever passionately make out with a picture of (insert name of celebrity idol here) that you put on your cell phone regardless of who was watching?
  • 19
    (This is a dude I known through work)
    Whenever you're in a competition and the other team advances, you yell "That's against the rules" whether or not it is
  • 20
    Whatever you hear you relate to something other people would think of as "wrong".
  • 21
    You can name just about very Broadway play from the last century and you don't study drama.
  • 22
    (This is a kid I knew in middle school)
    You can get hit in the head with a rock and feel no pain.
  • 23
    (This is me and some of my friends)
    You have read every book in the Harry Potter series more than once.
  • 24
    (Me and my close friends)
    You DON'T think the at least one of the Jonas Brothers are hot. *GASP*
  • 25
    Last question- do you think me and my friends are sane/normal?

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581 days ago
Hehehhheheheheheheh I just love to laugh hahahah