Am I Insane?🤪

Do you find yourself doing odd things that others do not? Do you think in a way that others seem to find strange or frightening? Do you often get that "Stay away'!'' vibe from other people? Are you taking this 'Am I crazy?' quiz not by your own choice, but because your therapist is making you? Find out now if you're insane.

  • 1
    Are you taking this quiz voluntarily?
  • 2
    Do you ever harm yourself deliberately?
  • 3
    If you do/did self-harm, why?

  • 4
    Have you ever played with your own blood?
  • 5
    Have you ever tasted your own blood?
  • 6
    Have you ever purposely burned/electrocuted yourself?

  • 7
    How cool are dead animals?
  • 8
    Have you ever watched a dead animal burn for fun?
  • 9
    Do you hate a specific color for no apparent reason?
  • 10
    Do you keep knives in your room?

  • 11
    Which do you prefer, knives or guns?
  • 12
    Do you have friends?
  • 13
    Why do you have friends?
  • 14
    Have you ever been thinking about something, suspected someone was reading your thoughts, and then started purposely thinking about something more innocent, like puppies?
  • 15
    Can everyone read your mind, or only certain people?
  • 16
    Do you typically make jokes about violence? (i.e., dead baby jokes)

  • 17
    Do you ever talk to yourself?
  • 18
    If you do talk to yourself, do you respond to yourself and carry out a conversation?
  • 19
    Do you often laugh when there's nothing outwardly funny?
  • 20
    Are you a very different person when you're alone?

  • 21
    Is it important to blend in with society?
  • 22
    Are you afraid of therapists?
  • 23
    Where do you think you will go when you die?
  • 24
    Do you fear death?
  • 25

Comments (399)


52 days ago
YeP i Am ToTtaLLY sAnE!?!¡~}£¶
81 days ago
mkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kk
147 days ago
whos gonna cry behind an orphan?
147 days ago
I agree, killing orphans is funny because no one cares enough to file out a missing persons report
147 days ago
I curve stump orphans for a living :)
157 days ago
Am I Insane?🤪
Ready to find out whether or not you're insane? I think it's safe to say that you're very, very insane. You might want to see a the🍦, unless you're afraid of them (as well you should be). Try to blend in or else you'll be seeing the padded walls soon (unless you're already there). Oh, and enjoy that nice jacket they give you.

So this is what i got but anyways look at the epic joke i wrote in my name and underneath this writing
Can you bully Orphans? Of course who they gonna tell their parents?
195 days ago
"If you're trying to reach full insanity, you'll have to keep trying."
bro what
211 days ago
but what's up with the "kill yellow"? that's actually something I kinda agree with? does it mean anything or is that a coincidence
226 days ago
I'm weeeeeeird UWU SASSY COURTNEY!
244 days ago
a true insane person won’t tell what they did.
282 days ago
I got the answer that i am very,very insane and should search for a the🕊...yeah no i am already at one but for other reasons and they are...scary so maybe i'll just cover it up :)
293 days ago
I'm honestly not surprised
320 days ago
@someoneontheinternet my roommate has helped me find professional support and I’ve been doing a lot better. I’m now on meds and have daily checkups with a the👮 every 2 days.
336 days ago
i really miss that feeling of when i felt something towards someone or feeling anythinf at all i feel like something always has to ruin my happiness i js wanna be happy is that too much to ask? + high🤭
356 days ago
@bubble & lilith i guess discord
358 days ago
@useless @danny Hey, man, you aren't worthless, i may not know what your going through, but please, please keep on living, there are people who care about you that you don't even know of, so please keep on living, seek professional help if needed.
365 days ago
idk what to do with this i have taken a few differnet tests all say im insane but like ive been hiding all this idk what to do honestly ive just been pretending to be as normal as i can get right now
368 days ago
I'm Danny I wanna end my life I fell everyone hates me and I'm stupid and worthless I mean nothing to no one I just wanted help deciding which way of dying shoukd I pick
A) jump of high building
B) shoot myself
C) poisoning
I'm not trying to be edgy or no 🐤 like that I just wanted to ask yall wich to pick
Thanks for the help
368 days ago
I got really insane and it's true ive been in multiple mental hospitals and padded cells with straight jackets and only a month ago got out of one i have killed all my family so yeah and I want more.....
373 days ago
My result is normal and I probably am but this comment section is surely ‘insane’. What is wrong with people?