How Lazy are You?
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How Lazy are You?

Are you a couch potato who spends all your time watching TV? Or are you a hyperfanatical blob of energy?

Question 1:What do you think every morning when its time to wake up?
"grooaaan" five NO ten more hours pleeeeaaase.
Must get up! Must get moving! So much to do!
I'm already downstairs making breakfast
nothing (snore...)

Question 2:How often are you late for school/work?
Never - It's my worst nightmare
I don't keep track
about twice a month
about twice a week

Question 3:Is your (home)work usually done on time?
Sometimes, if I feel like it
Almost always, unless I've been ill
What work?
Most of the time it's finished early

Question 4:How long does/did it take you to get ready for class?
A couple minutes, all I have to do is grab my books and go
Well, first I need to get my books, then I hang around and talk with my friends for a little while, then I go to class
It takes me a long time to find my stuff so I often don't bother and just go without it or play hooky.
After I find my books I need to run, but sometimes I make it in time.

Question 5:What does your room look like?
slightly messy, but I can find the things I need.
There's so much stuff its a struggle to find the floor, and something seems to be growing under my bed...
There is a lot of stuff I don't even recognize, but at least the floor is visible.
Spotless, as usual

Question 6:How much time do you spend watching T.V.?
Maybe half an hour on the weekends, if I'm not busy with sports.
All the time, it's what I live for
2-4 hours a week
6-7 hours a week

Question 7:What is the first thing you do after school?
I have lots of after school activities like soccer and drama club.
I generally have a snack, then get to my homework
fool around for a while, then do my homework if I feel like it.
watch T.V.

Question 8:What do you do on weekends?
Watch T. V and play computer games
Sleep late, watch T.V. and spend time with my family and friends
play sports and spend time with my family and friends.
Go to all the activities and meetings I have to do.

Question 9:How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
7-8 hours
6-7 hours or less
8-9 hours
10 hours or more

Question 10:And finally, which animal do you most identify with?
a mouse
a bear
an elephant
a sloth

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