Are You LAZY? (Hopefully not too lazy to do this test)
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Are You LAZY? (Hopefully not too lazy to do this test)

Face it. Some people are just setting themselves up to be fat. Really. If you are lazy, you will most likely become fat if you don't do anything about it.So...let's see just how lazy you are

Question 1:It's 7:00 A.M. You are supposed to get up, but you really don't want to. should take and shower (your hair is a greaseball mess) and if you don't wake up in 15 minutes, you won't be able to. do you:
Just get up. You really should
Hey, you're tired. You sleep until 5 minutes before the bus comes
You get up...after 10 minutes, and you complain all the way to the shower
You get up after a few minutes, then go take your shower

Question 2:Ok, you're sitting there, bored at lunch. You can go see your friends (which includes going up 3 sets of stairs) or you can just mozy around the school for a few minutes waiting for lunch to end. Do you:
Go up and see your friends. What's a couple of stairs?
You go up the stairs, grumbling about how everyone should be able to use elevators
You finally decide to go upstairs..I mean, the stairs aren't THAT bad
You don't want to destroy your precious legs and drain all your energy! You sit there, bored, all alone until the bell rings

Question 3:You get back from school, and your mom says she'll give you 5$ if you'll do the garbage and feed the cat...but you've had a long day..but also, you'd like the cash. Do you do it?
No way..let mom do her stupid chores..I already feed the cat once a month!
Reluctantly agree- but just for the money
Yeah, I'd do a couple chores for mom anyday!
Say yes, and do the chores after supper

Question 4:You just sat down in that comfy chair of yours to watch your favorite show when your best friend calls and asks if you want to go snowboarding because he/she has been feeling lonely and bored. Do you:
Make up some kind of an excuse, but say you'll go snowboarding tomorrow
Go snowboarding! You'll have fun and cheer up your friend- what could be better?
Downright say no- You just sat down to watch tv! You can see your friend tomorrow anyway!
You can watch this 30 minute show..You tell your friend you'll meet him/her at the slopes in an hour

Question 5:You hear the phone ringing. Your brother's leg is in a cast, your mom is in the shower, your dad is at work. The phone is on the other side of the room. Do you make your injured brother get the phone?
Who do you think I am, Cruella de Vil? Of course I'll get the phone leg hurts...aww fine I'll get it
Why can't my mom get the phone?
I'll get the phone after a few rings...

Question 6:There is a run-for-the-cure thingy going on Saturday and your friend really wants you to come along with her. You don't have any plans for Saturday...and you don't want to go running. Do you:
Reluctantly agree to go- it is for a good cause, after all
there is no way your friend is dragging you on that stupid run
You tell your friend you've had a long week and want to relax
Definitely go! Yeehaw!

Question 7:Which do you prefer?

Question 8:Let's say you love ice cream. Especially special ones like chocolate chip cookie dough and napoleon. Unfortunately, there is only vanilla ice cream in the fridge. Do you:
Drive to the store and pick up some delicious ice cream
Ponder a while, then decided not to eat because you are so comfortable in the chair
Walk to the store- it's a nice day, and you really want that ice cream!
Go to the fridge and get some ice cream- maybe add something, like strawberry sauce or chocolate chips

Question 9:Which animal represents you the best?
Dog (energetic)
Sloth (hardly moves)
Cat (fairly lazy)
Aardvark (pretty active)

Question 10:Why are you doing this test?
Nothing better to do-really
Because I am too lazy to do anything else
I dunno. Bored, I guess
Because I just lovey dove dove quizzes!

Question 11:It has, so far, taken me 40 minutes to write this quiz. am I:
going to inspire the world to be less lazy
Extremely, extremely bored
I don't know...what a terrible question.
Downright stupid

Question 12:At suppertime, my dad sits closest to the fridge, my bro the farthest, my mom and i second farthest. Yet my dad always asks me to get him more pop, even though he is closest to the fridge. Is that:
Cool! I do that all the time
Extremely lazy and cruel. Child labour!!
Pretty darn lazy. Tsk tsk tsk
He must be fat

Question 13:If asked to do these four things, in which order would you do them? Feed the cat, Watch tv, Do homework, get a drink or pop for dad
First I'd feed the cat, then do my homework, get drink for dad then watch tv
Well, I would just watch tv.maybe feed the cat.
I'd do my homework, feed the cat, get drink for dad then watch tv
watch tv, get drink for dad, feed cat, do homework

Question 14:Which best describes your fun schedule?
Play computer, play computer, play computer
Hang out with friends
Bowling, movies, sliding, the list goes on...
Computer, sleep, call a friend

Question 15:LAST QUESTION!*** If it would help sick children, would you wake up at 5 A.M every morning and jog for 15 minutes for 2 years straight?
Yeah, I guess, MAYBE...
Sure! It'd be kinda rough, but its a good thing to do....
Of course! Anything to help poor sick children

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