Am I A Loser? Probably Not, But Check Just In Case!

"Love" isn't the only "L" word that gets thrown around a lot. People call each other "loser" in fun or in anger all the time. The person being insulted usually just shrugs it off - or lobs it back. But might there be some truth there? Take a look and see if you might need to make some changes, or if you're good to go. Try this test now! P.S.: The only real loser is someone who knows they could improve, but who refuses to try. I know that's not you!

Attention! This is satire. Please do not take it seriously

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    Which sounds most like your idea of a good time?
    Which sounds most like your idea of a good time?

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28 days ago
lets gooooooooooooooooooooo
37 days ago
I don’t care I just did this just to. I don’t care if I’m a loser
41 days ago
i dont know what to do with my life. i dont know how to live.
44 days ago
Dang bro... that’s some-

You are right :(
57 days ago
i wish i was young forever
174 days ago
But I knew that I'm a real loser. I'm actually the type who don't know how to improve so who don't try. Lol
174 days ago
This whould be funnier if this quizz was for all ages.
216 days ago
I am ten I am too little
358 days ago
I think I sort of already knew it but I was not able to really figure it out... But now I must admit I am much better than I thought I was. I am a lonely depressed winner, but I am a winner anyway!
393 days ago
Haha, they described me PERFECTLY! I already know how much of a loser I am...
417 days ago
ughhh growing yup i have to get a girl, do good in schoolm have a lot of friends, look good, have good hyegiene, know when to shutup, be abkle to read the atmosphere, not be autistic, not knowing just what im supposed to do. I idolize people who know what they need to do or have a purpose in life and act like them to distract myself from the cruel reality that i dont know what i should do at this point. i wish i dindt exist
456 days ago
470 days ago
you know,some problems are abandon,unsolved mistery of my life . my life is a mistake i believe so and i know so,i wonder why GOD give me to my mother she deserve more than me way more than me.thanks for the quizz it keep me busy than suicide but most of my answer is not there.
646 days ago
I think the quiz is broken. There’s no way I’m actually a valuable member of society. (This is a joke. The reason this is here is to prevent you people who take things too seriously from getting wooooshed. )
660 days ago
We must preserve the existence of our people.
739 days ago
I know I’m a loser, I’m just here to confirm it
798 days ago
I’m 14 so this quiz doesn’t work for me lol

also why does it matter that I want to chuck myself into the
868 days ago
I don’t even have to take the test to know who I am. The test doesn’t have to decide who you are. You make that choice
986 days ago
Yes I'm a loser
1023 days ago
Wow.... 47% 😶 honestly not that suprised tbh