Are you obsessed with yourself?
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Are you obsessed with yourself?

So are you?

Question 1:Do you sometimes pretend that someone is watching you?
All the time! I wish I could showoff what I have to all the people I dislike!
No. Who do you think I am?
Someone IS watching me... I have a cam setup in my room for the world to see! :)
Only on good days.
No one would want to see me, so why should I?

Question 2:Do you love looking at yourself in the mirror?
No, I think I'm ugly.
No, I have better things to do.
Yes, I love the way I look.
Yes, I am more attractive than most people.
When I look my best, yes I enjoy it.

Question 3:...for 30 minutes or more?
If I could, I would for HOURS! I am hot!
How did you know?
No, I don't even like looking in the mirror. Leave me alone.
If I had time...
Nope. That's ridiculous!

Question 4:Does you partner/lover give to you more than they receive from you?
Of course. I expect that quality in a partner.
No, the relationship is equal.
Yes, but I cannot help the fact that she/he loves me so much!
I don't have a partner. I'm too good for everyone!
I don't have a partner. No one likes me enough.

Question 5:Would you use a partner/lover? (for sex, money, popularity, drugs...etc)
No. That is horrible!
Definitely. I deserve everything I can get!
No, I wouldn't even have a partner, so why are you asking?
I have before.
I am, and plan to continue. It's the best way to live.

Question 6:Did your parents/parent spoil you, growing up?
No, but everyone else does. They cater to my needs!
Yes, but I cannot help that right?
Yes, and I still live with them.
No, my parents/parent didn't love me enough.

Question 7:Do you wear foundation? (-- if you are a girl) | Do you put gel, dye, or any other type of solution in your hair (-- if you are a guy)
Yes! It makes me look so good.
No, I don't. That stuff doesn't matter to me really.
I wouldn't look any better with it anyway, so why bother?
No, I look hot without it.
Yes, it enhances my looks a bit.

Question 8:When a person prettier/hotter than you walks by, do you mock them out of jealousy? (even if it's in your HONEST!)
No, I can accept the fact that some people look better than others. That's life.
No, I am intimidated.
Yes, I hate it when people are better looking than me!
I do, but it's not out of jealousy!
I am a bit jealous, but I can put myself in her shoes, so I don't.

Question 9:Do you showoff if an ex or someone who has turned you down walks by?
No, I'm not a showoff at all.
Yes, so they will see what they are missing!
No, I run and hide.
I would love to, but I can't bring myself to do it.
Wow, I do don't I? I never thought about it until now...

Question 10:Do you take pictures of yourself or have people take pictures of you?
Yes, I love having a permanent record of my beauty!
Yes, and I have them up for all to see how beautiful I am!
No, I hate looking at pictures of myself.
If I had to do it for something important I would.

Question 11:...with a webcam?
Nope, no need. I have a life, thank you.
Yes, I keep it on so people can see me live!
I have one, but I don't use it.
Not with this ugly face.
I do take pictures with it frequently, yes.

Question 12:Do you have an 'about me' website?
Yep. Facts, facts and more facts!
Yes, it has it's own domain name and everything!
Nope. There are so many more interesting people out there.
Yes. In my business, it is required.
No. I just don't have time.

Question 13:... with a guestbook?
Yes. I want to know what people think of me.
Yes. But I never look at it.
I don't have an about me page.
Yes, people love me, and I have a guestbook to prove it!
No. I don't need to know what other people think of me. I am happy with myself!

Question 14:Are you better than me?
I'm pretty sure I am, judging from this test.
No. We are all equal.
I don't know you, but mostly likely.
No, but everyone seems better than me.
Definitely. Lot's of people on the net are on a lower level than me.

Question 15:No you aren't.
I know. I just said I wasn't.
You're right. You're better. I give up...
Oh no? Try me.
This is stupid.

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