Do you hate people?
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Do you hate people?

Do you hate people? Are you in a constant state of annoyance due to the stupidity of others? When some random teeny-bopper opens his or her mouth with what he or she thinks is insight, do you cringe in anticipation of what may very well be the new stupidest thing you have ever heard? Do you overhear comments that people make when you are out in public and wish it was socially acceptable to shake them and harangue them with brutal, biting insults because what they just said was so ridiculous that there is really no other way? If you answered yes to any of these, or if you are even a little bit curious to see if you could, come on down and see what a misanthrope your really are. You may surprise yourself.

Question 1:When someone rides by you on a skateboard you want to:
Give them a high five. Skaters rule!!!
Reminisce on your old skateboarding days. After all, everyone skated until they were about eight.
Reminisce on your old skateboarding days while rolling your eyes and making a rude comment about how everyone stopped skating when they were eight.
Clothesline that freak!!!

Question 2:You are sitting in a movie and an actor says something funny educing a lot of laughter from the crowd. In an attempt to feel like he is funny someone repeats that quote for the audience to hear just after it has occurred on the screen to get some more laughs out of the crowd. You think:
Make a rude, sarcastic comment about that person, thus humiliating him and getting a laugh of your own in the process.
Wish people would be more considerate when you are trying to hear the movie.
Try to find out who it is and start a fight with him in the parking lot for trying to ruin your movie experience.
Dude, I always do that! People love it.

Question 3:You and a friend are watching a suspenseful movie that you have already seen but the person you are with has not. This person continually asks you what is going to happen next even though his or her question will be answered in the very next scene. You:
bPolitely tell them that they will see for themselves, trying your best not to sound as annoyed as you are.
Answer that person’s questions as they come. I hate it when I don’t know what is going to happen next too.
cTell them that if they don’t shut up you will never watch a movie with them again, then proceed to keep your promise if they ask another question.
Look them straight in the eye and tell them every single thing that is going to happen in the movie from the point you are watching to the credits, turn the movie off, and kick them out of your place so you can organize your usual round of drinking buddies. The night is young!

Question 4:At a party you:
Go and socialize. It’s fun to meet new people with the same party interests as you.
Wait for people come up and talk to you. Hey, a new friend…why not?
Wait for people come up and talk to you. Hey, another person to lie to for fun.
Stand in a circle with your close friends, bogarting beers and looking at anyone who even attempts to join in your conversation like he is a lunatic.

Question 5:You get sucked into a small-talk conversation with some kid you kind of know from class but have never talked to. The topic shifts to what kind of music he or she listens to. This person then proceeds to name his or her five favorite artists in this order: Nelly, N’Sync, Jewel, Enrique Yglesias, and Alicia Keyes. How do you feel about this?
Tell that person that his or her preference in music sucks and try to change the subject until you can find a way to get away from this yuppie.
Tell that person that not only does his or her taste in music suck, but he or she also, in fact, sucks and rudely end the conversation by walking away when you have said your piece.
I really hate all of those artists but I will continue this conversation, discussing the songs that one of these artists has on the radio at the time until I can find a way to get away from this yuppie.
I may not like those artists but I can respect them for what they are. Besides, who am I to criticize someone's taste in music?

Question 6:You get invited to a party. There is a fifty-fifty chance you will actually have fun at this one. What do you do?
Yeah, why not? I’ll bring some friends with me. If it sucks, we can always leave
I’m there! I’ll take those odds. I always see people that like me at these things.
Reach for my phone to call my friends and see if they are going. Then I realize that all five of us are already here so I don’t bother and concentrate my efforts on finding more pot.
Hell yeah, I’m there. I already know I hate these people, but my boys and I are going to leave with some new stuff regardless. I hope they have a copy of Scarface.

Question 7:You are cutting it close to make it to your Biology class on time. As you are walking through campus at a brisk pace, a man and a woman, obviously the parents of a student stop you and ask you how to get to a dorm even though they have a map of the campus right in front of their face. What do you do?
Help them as much as I can, even if it means walking with them for a bit. I can be late to class. Besides, I have trouble reading maps sometimes too.
Give them directions from where you are standing as fast as you can talk politely and then curse them when you are running to make it to class.
Point to the dorm in question on their map and curtly say, “It’s this one, jackass.”
Take their map from them telling them that it was an old one and you would be happy to help. You then proceed to give them completely opposite directions that will take them forty minutes to an hour out of their way, depending on how long they follow them until they realize they have been had. I can be late to class for something that funny.

Question 8:You just bought a cool new cell phone. Now what?
Cool, now I can stay in touch with all my friends, and I will never lose anyone’s number.
Cell phone? Who needs one, my friends and I can all fit in a two-door car
This thing better have caller I.D. because it will piss me off if I have to talk to some jerk while I’m trying to watch TV.
Awesome! I got the newest phone with the coolest new rings. I cant wait to buy a different shell casing for every day of the week. My friends are going to love this.

Question 9:You come home from college. Time to start living the social life in your old hometown. What do you do?
Hang out in the scummiest bars you can with only your closest friends from high school, praying you don’t see anyone you graduated with. When you do, you leave while they are still trying to talk to you so you can find an even scummier bar.
See all your old friends as much as possible, exchange stories of wacky college adventures, and maybe even make a new friend or two who you weren’t all that close to in high school.
Only call your closest buddies from high school. Maybe even relive some high jinx from sophomore year and break some mailboxes. If you see some kids you didn’t like in high school you exchange intimidating stares with them…end of story.
Call as many people as you can remember and try to get them to go out to the same place. Then when you see someone you graduated with ask them how they have been and if they are still going out with what's her name, even if you were never friends in high school.

Question 10:You get a startling phone call one previously relaxing Saturday afternoon. Your girlfriend, Katie, calls you up crying and telling you she has a major problem. She needs you to come over quick. Concerned, you rush to put some pants on and make the fifteen-minute drive to Kaite’s place to see what all the fuss is about. Katie then pulls out her old size 2 jeans and moans as she cries on your shoulder, “I can’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore!!!” What do you do?
Empathize with her. You can’t fit into your favorite jeans anymore either, so you sit and sulk with her over a pint of Rocky Road.
Cover up how annoyed you are by this, but still make a half-hearted attempt to console her. You like Katie, but if this happens again, she is history.
Tell her you can’t believe she made you put pants on for this, then tell her to call you when she is ready to act like an adult. Hey, if she stays with you after abuse like that, she might even bring you breakfast in bed every morning.
Tell her she is getting fat. Too fat for you to date. Then calmly walk to your car while removing your pants. You didn’t need those in the first place, now everyone else must suffer.

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