How Much Common Sense Do You Have?
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How Much Common Sense Do You Have?

Do you have so much common sense that you know exactly what to do no matter what it is? Or do you have so little that you have never even heard of common sense? Find out by taking this quiz!!!

Question 1:Your computer is loading. It tells you to press any key. What do you do?
Look for the 'any' key. Call the company saying you can't find it.
Press whatever key you want to.
Press 'a', 'n', and 'y' all at the same time.

Question 2:Your teacher tell you to do all of your homework tonight. You...
Do all of your homework.
Do all the homework you will ever get from her.
Don't do any. S/he didn't give out any assignment called "all of your."

Question 3:You are watching a car commercial. The man says, "We are giving cars away! Come get an used car for only $1499!" You need a car. You go down there and...
Things go normal. Why, what weird things could happen?
With a short attention span, you didn't hear anything after, "We are giving cars away!", and show up with nothing, getting into an argument with the salesman.
The same as 'B', except you show up with $14.99.

Question 4:You are checking your emails. One has the subject saying, "You've just won a million dollars!!" You open it and it asks for lots of personal information. What do you do?
I click out of it. It is completely fake and they probably want to steel money from me.
I fill in fake information and send it back. Maybe it won't need to know my credit card number, my address, my phone number, etc.
I give them all the information and send it back. We're talking about a million dollars here!!

Question 5:The phone rings and you answer it. Some one asks you if your refrigerator is running. You say...
Nothing. How immature of some one to make a prank call!
Yes. Then I went running after it. I thought it had run away for a second there!
You say yes. Then you pride yourself on figuring out not to run after it!

Question 6:When someone tells you to jump off a cliff and die you...
Almost do it, then stop realizing they weren't serious.
Go do what they say, except for the dying part.
Become mad that they said such a thing!

Question 7:When something claims to figure out the meaning of your full name, and that all you have to do is enter it and tell them where you live, you...
Don't! They could be serial killers!!
Fill in your real name, but fake address. You feel so clever!
Do it. You've always wanted to know. Now's your chance!

Question 8:A sign on a bench says "WET PAINT, DON'T TOUCH!" You then...
Don't touch it! You don't want paint all over you!
Sit on it.
Touch it lightly. If it feels dry, sit on it!

Question 9:A lion escaped from the zoo. It is now in front of your house. What do you do?
Go out and play with it AFTER washing your hands. Clever you!
Go out to pet and play with it after cutting a raw steak in half.
I call 911 so they can come and get it.

Question 10:You just cut yourself badly playing with knives. What do you do??
Stare at it screaming.
Go out to ask the lion what to do.
That wouldn't happen!

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