Are you an old fogey?
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Are you an old fogey?

Ever wondered if you were? Well, take this fun quiz to find out. No need to be 72 to be an old fogey!

Question 1:Your favorite subject of discussion is:
Women, chicks, your cute new neighbor...
Big houses and ships

Question 2:You like to wear:
Jeans and nice t-shirts
Brown business suits with pants that show your brown socks
The same thing everyday
Clothes that you feel comfortable in (NOT jeans)

Question 3:At work, you:
Never take breaks. You work hard.
Do what you are supposed to do, but nothing more.
Are always on break, make personal phone calls and talk to your colleagues while drinking coffee.
I don't have a job. ;_; OR I'm still a student. :D

Question 4:There is a new girl at your working place. You:
Wish you had a job with new girls...
Don't pay attention to her. She's so young.
Smile at her in the corridor, sometimes.
Invite her to take a beer with you and some of your buddies that are 30 years older than her.

Question 5:Still at work, you must call this important guy from a foreign company. What is your attitude?
You call him and concentrate on what you're saying with your bad *insert your native language here* accent.
You go straight to the point and don't lose time. You're so busy.
You put your feet on your desk, speak with your bad *insert your native language here* accent and fake-laugh at any joke this guy makes.
You loudly sigh at anybody who dares bothering you while talking on the phone.

Question 6:You are walking down an alley at the nearest Wal Mart and you see a pretty girl, significantly younger than you. You:
Say in a drunken stupor: "Woooaaa, very pretty, Misschhhh!"
Smile to her
Walk next to her and offer her candies
Pass by without commenting or looking at her

Question 7:When talking to other people, you:
Listen to what they have to say before speaking
Interrupt them constantly
Never agree with them
Try to act funny

Question 8:At the gas station, you:
Say to every girl: "Ooohhh! Be careful with a smile like that! My daughter had a smile like you and... *goes on for an hour*"
Take gas and pay it
Buy candy bars and chips
Wait in the car for the driver to fuel

Question 9:How is your haircut?
Short, messy hair. Sometimes, you use gel.
The same since the 70's
You have long and shiny hair, or at least, you wish you had
Grey and greasy

Question 10:It's your 35th marriage anniversary. If you're not married, imagine you are. What gift will you offer to your wife?
A supper at this high-class restaurant
Flowers or something similar
Yourself, for the night...
Nothing, because you probably forgot

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