Are you scary?
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Are you scary?

Are you as cute as a baby, or the last thing a person would like to meet in a dark alley? Find out now!

Question 1:When you enter a shop, how does the shopkeeper react?
Smiles at me friendly, and asks if he/she could help me.
Hides behind the cash desk.
Keeps his/her eyes on me in case I might steal something.
Does nothing much. Says hello, maybe.

Question 2:What is your favourite animal?
A bat.
A kitten, a puppy or maybe a cute hamster. All furry animals!
Dunno. A dog? A horse? An elephant?
I am.

Question 3:What is the worst thing you have seen when you have looked at yourself in a mirror?
I had a zit. A huge one - right in the middle of my nose!
One morning I had to slap myself twice in the face just to make sure I'm still alive.
My reflection turned away and puked.
My hair was fuzzy. Thank god for hair spray.

Question 4:In the future I would like to work in a...
grocery store.

Question 5:When I go to a restaurant...
the waitress refuses to bring me any drink containing alcohol, but recommends the kids menu.
the waitress throws me a sausage, and hopes I'll leave the place when I'm not hungry anymore.
the waitress brings me the menu, and I make my order. Then I eat. Any questions?
the waitress asks me if I'd like to have my meat raw.

Question 6:What is your favourite colour?
Shades of gray.
Black and red.

Question 7:What do people say, when they're looking at your baby pictures?
You look so nice in this one. Was this taken last summer?
Oh, what a beautiful baby you were!
Were you really born with those fangs?
Are you sure the midwife didn't mix you up with the placenta?

Question 8:What kind of people you like most?
Friendly ones. Just normal people.
Grilled ones, with BBQ sauce.
Caring and loving ones. Of course there is a good person inside everyone.
Living dead.

Question 9:Someone is being mean to you. What do you do?
Begin to cry.
Make a woodoo doll of the person and stick needles in it.
Nothing. When I just look at the person,he/she runs away screaming so I don't have time to react.
Flip the bird. Fuck him/her too.

Question 10:You're going on a date with a person you like very much. You want to make a good impression of yourself. How do you prepare?
I take a shower and put on some nice clothes.
I shave my armpits and change my underwear.
I put on something furry and glittery.
I bite my toenails shorter.

Question 11:What is your favourite food?
Anything I find from garbage cans.
Blood. Fresh and warm blood.
Cotton candy.

Question 12:What are you afraid of?

Question 13:What is your most disgusting habit?
I eat with my mouth open.
I lick my armpits clean in public.
I tap my fingers when I'm nervous.
I pick my nose.

Question 14:Complete the following: red as...
the strange looking fungus growing on my left foot.
a rose.
a tomato.

Question 15:Have you ever dreamed of eating another human being?
What? What kind of a question is this? Gross!
In most of my sexual fantasies.
Another human being? What do you mean by ANOTHER human being? Are you suggesting I already have eaten one?
I once bit a dentist's finger as a child.

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