Just how indecisive are you?
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Just how indecisive are you?

Don't know if you’re indecisive? Take this quiz to find out and to what extent.

Question 1:Are you indecisive?
I don't know.

Question 2:How long does it take you to decide what food you want to eat?
No time at all. When I'm hungry for something, I eat it.
10 minutes.
Wait, I have to decide?

Question 3:Are you indecisive or just aloof?
A little bit of both.
I don't know and I don't care!

Question 4:Do other people make decisions for you?
Hold on, let me go ask someone.

Question 5:Is it hard to give your own opinion?

Question 6:What bothers you most about answering questions?
Afraid I might get it wrong.
Not knowing the answer.
Answering questions.

Question 7:Why are you taking this quiz?
I'm bored.
To see how indecisive I really am.
I'm not really sure.

Question 8:How many questions are there on this quiz?
Probably 10.
I'll have to wait and see.

Question 9:How do you interact with others?
Friendly talking.
Talking while wondering how to "friendly talk".
Having people friendly talk to me while I think of the answers to their questions.

Question 10:What is your favorite color?
Blue. [or insert any other color that is your favorite]
Blue...or black...or maybe red...sometimes green...never orange...occasionally yellow...
I don't know. How many colors are there to choose from? This may take awhile...

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