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Have you ever thought that behind all the education you've received, behind all of your *excellent* grades, you're a complete idiot at heart who's merely going through the motions of being "clever", and that you lack innate intelligence as we know it? THEN THIS TEST IS FOR YOU!

Question 1:Do you eat healthy stuff? You know, like fruit and vegetables and all of that.
Yes! They're wholesome and make my bowels feel pure!
Yes because they make me brainy.
I do things with fruit...DON'T TELL MOMMY! *scared*

Question 2:Do you think we need police?
We're smart enough to handle ourselves.
We can cope okay but law enforcement can keep more foolish types under control.
They have pretty clothes! Yay!

Question 3:What's another term for an actor?

Question 4:You're in a public place, like a big hall, and like, WHOA (!) there's a fire! Sooo...?
I'd pretend I'm a windmill.
I'd look for a fire exit calmly and sensibly.
I'd touch myself because it may be the last time I enjoy my life.

Question 5:Do you know who you are?
Yes, but I have more to learn in life's journey, and may WISDOM be my friend on the way!
Yes, I've lived with myself for long enough. Jerk, why ask that?
I'm ME! YAY!

Question 6:What do you think of Darwin's Theory of Evolution?
My dad is Magilla Gorilla!
It's possible but you have to consider the Laws of Thermodynamics, not to mention cause and effect.
Yep! Look at the apes' movements, expressions and so on! They're like you and I!

Question 7:Could God be real?
It doesn't hurt to be open-minded....
No because if God was real we wouldn't suffer!

Question 8:What colour combination of these is most sensible to wear (top and pants)?
purple and black
purple and mid-blue
purple and khaki

Question 9:Jesus loves the little children..?
That's a popular children's hymn!
I guess. If he's real he probably does.
Isn't Jesus the same guy Michael Jackson?

Question 10:You're in a restaurant and you get soup and there's a fly in it. So what do you do?
I'd politely complain to the waiter.
I'd POO! Grr!
I'd tip it on the floor. If they want to serve me mucky food they can go to Hell!

Question 11:What kind of eyes do you have?
I have big, sparkly, pretty ones!
I have narrow eyes with a shrewd yet piercing gaze.
Ones that I look with! What do yours do?

Question 12:Who came up with the Theory of Relativity?
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
People who were RELATIVES of course!

Question 13:Is this test insulting to your intelligence?
Kind of but it's all in fun so I can take it.
You used a big word! What's "intelligence"?

Question 14:Do you think it's good to have love in the World?
Yes, we all need to be understood and help each other.
Love is for wimps.
I get lots of love from dirty books and my friend Craig the dealer!

Question 15:Why did you take this test?
For a bit of fun.
I was wondering if I'm really that smart......
I am stupid but wanted to prove it to my friends!

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