Are you stranger than the average human being?
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Are you stranger than the average human being?

May I remind the any person who comes across this test that it is not a time wasting boring test. It only proves if your stranger than most people or whatever you are!

Question 1:Which of the following professions would you like to have?
Elephant Pooper Scooper Upper
Gay/Lesbian hot line talker
Sell Hollywood maps on a corner of LA
Massager to the old geriatric men at the country club
Priest at the local Church of Satan

Question 2:What is your favorite color of the below?

Question 3:If you could be anyone of the following people alive or dead, who would you be?
Richard Nixon
the french gay steward who transmitted the AIDS virus to many people
Vanna White
The person in the Barney suit
Edgar Allen Poe

Question 4:Which movie do you prefer?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Jackass: The Movie
Barney Got Murdered By Charles Manson

Question 5:You go to Iraq because you are curious as to what’s going on. You are roaming through the desert with a machine gun when you find Saddam Hussein walking right in front of you like a little fruitcake. What do you do?
Shoot him to get it over with
Give him a wedgie and hit him with the machinegun
Walk merrily past him
Sexual Torture
Annoy the heck out of him with stupid gestures and stupid poems you learnt in kindergarten

Question 6:If you could kill any one of the grouped people mentioned below, who would it be?
all the pop stars in the world
Mary Kate and Ashley,Amanda Bynes,Hillary Duff and friends
President Bush and Tony Blair
Mr. Gay Clay from American Idol
The person who invented school

Question 7:If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be....
garlic bread
macaroni and cheese
chocolate cake

Question 8:Which extra super power would you like to have?
See through people
Be Immortal
Turn into an animal of your choice at any time
Have all the answers to life and its questions
Put your hand all the way up your butt and feel your insides

Question 9:Which book are you most likely to read?
Harry Potter(any of the books)
Hitler: The Essential Biography
Sex After 60
How To Help A Dog Give Birth
I hate reading!

Question 10:What kind of music do you like?
Old Rock/Metal/Rock/Punk
60's &70's makeout music/Soul
Blues/Bluegrass/Country/Jazz my view very annoying!

Question 11:You are at the pet store to get a present for a friend and all they have are the ones listed below. You have to choose a pet so you pick....
Mutated Tarantula
A cat with 3 feet
baby alligator
Siberian Hamster.....they may be cute but they sure ain't cuddly
a poisonous frog

Question 12:And now for the finale, you are at a friends party and they are playing Truth or Dare. You choose Dare and your friend gives the following stunts to choose from. You must pick so you choose.....
Streak through the mall naked
Stand by your driveway and whenever a car passes, you flaunt your stuff for 10 minutes
Swim in the alligator infested pond nearby
Run into a Catholic church dressed as a devil and scream!
An annoying neighbor is sleeping nearby so you set firecrackers right by the neighbor's window then go hide in a bush and watch the fun begin!

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