Are you slutty?
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Are you slutty?

Do you think you're slutty at all? Well here's a sort of fool proof way to find out. Take this test and see whether you are or not.

Question 1:You and your boyfriend are at a family barbeque and he wants to see your room you:
Say yes and do something
Say okay and hope nothing happens
Tell him that if you do that you won't do anything
Tell him off and go back to what you were doing

Question 2:Your boyfriend invites you to his house for a movie. He says that his parents will be there. There is a party going on when you get there and no parents, you:
Stay and the party and mess around upstairs
Stay at the party and hope nothing happens
Tell him to take you home and immediately dump him
Tell him to take you home and on the way explain to him that he lied to you and dump him

Question 3:You and your boyfriend have been going out for three months and he decides he wants to do more than make out. He hasn't even said he loves you, you:
Tell him you don't really want to but if the time comes to it......
Explain to him that you don't want to give it up to just anyone...and dump him
Say no and dump him
Feel relieved. You've been waiting for him to say that for like three months...

Question 4:Your boyfriend smokes and drinks. You don’t like that idea, you:
Tell him that you don’t because of that and dump him
Tell him you think it's wrong and it's not very attractive
Say nothing and hope he doesn't get hurt by it
Next time he gets high tell him to invite you over

Question 5:One of your guy friends and you are hanging out and you start to notice that he seems to want to more than a friend...and kisses you, you:
Make out with him, you dirty slut you
Act like it was an accident and move on
Smack him and tell your boyfriend
Tell him that you don't think it's right and tell your boyfriend

Question 6:Have you ever been in love?
I think it was just lust, but he loved me
I never really was the type to get to involved like that...
When you're in love you have sex all the time right?
Yes and it what the best days of my life

Question 7:Were you ever allowed to see porn before your teen years?
I was but I never did. I was too scared
I did but I wasn't allowed to

Question 8:What kind of underwear do you wear?
bikini for me
thongs only babe
all kinds
little girl briefs

Question 9:What age did you lose your virginity?
13 or lower
18 or higher
still haven't

Question 10:Do you carry condoms?
I have used them but never carried them
I have about ten in my back pocket just in case
I know what they are but no I never had
I used to but I didn't see the point

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