How twisted are you?
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How twisted are you?

Do you think you're straight-laced? Do people say pretty even-based? Or are you the devil in disguise? Well... find out, here.

Question 1:What turns you on the most? If none of these fit, figure out which is closest.
The hottest person in the world naked... mmm...
Car crashes... so much blood and screeching!
Bad boys/girls - gotta love the leather.
Liquor - me drinking.
My honey giving me a backrub.

Question 2:You're watching a movie, and you see a girl (or guy) tied up, while a guy (or girl) is obviously... molesting him/her. What's your reaction?
Shock and horror
I flinch, but something makes me keep watching...
It definitely turns me on, and I'm not really ashamed.
It kinda turns me on, with shame.
I cheer the molester on and wait for it eagerly.

Question 3:If you could change the sex laws in all countries to one standard, what would it be?
Legal sex of consenting adults at 18, sodomy illegal, gay sex very illegal.
No sex laws whatsoever.
Consent, that's it
Legal for sex at 18, maybe a couple other things. Dunno.
Something weird.

Question 4:Children...
....uh, yeah, where's the question?
*blushes furiously*
Mommy and Daddy are just wrestling, dear.
"Hi, Honey. No, we can't go to the park now, mommy and daddy need to go to bed early." "But it's 6:30, mama..."
Mmm, children...

Question 5:Level of kinkiness you'd actually participate in?
An S&M orgy where we eat off each other and practice bizarre positions.
Kinky isn't for me, thank you.
Kama Sutra?
I'll try anything.
Eating food off his/her body or maybe the brown hole...

Question 6:On nagging from your best friend, you've just seen the worst horror movie ever made. After you're finished vomiting, you get a call from that same best friend asking you if you want to go to that very same movie. You...
Tell them exactly how bad it was, in nauseating detail, and continue until they get green.
Tell them it was bad and they shouldn't see it.
Nothing... I would never go to a horror movie.
Go again. I rather enjoy the sensation of vomiting, even better to see my friends in misery. Hahaha...
Say no thanks, and wait evilly to hear what they think.

Question 7:Children....
What? Huh? What's this about children again?
I love them, they're so adorable and cute...
Annoying. I'd like to strangle a couple of them.
Children are evil.
Engaging mode: seek and destroy

Question 8:You're walking from your car to whatever place you like to go in the city, and you see a girl crying on the sidewalk. You...
Keep walking by. You barely noticed.
Sit down and ask her what's wrong, if there's anything you can help with.
Offer her some candy.
Tell her to quit being such a crybaby and go home.
Tell her she's the ugliest girl you've ever seen in your life (even if she's not).

Question 9:So just where DO you like to go in the city?
Wherever the exotic dancers or prostitutes are.
Shopping... on the black market.
The library
The "black magic "shop.

Question 10:What's your highest priority in life?
Making sure everything else is happy and healthy.
My friends and family.
Becoming the lethal enemy of my government.
Finding a way to destroy or conquer all mankind.

Question 11:Could you kill a person?
No way! Killing is wrong, end of story.
If my life was in danger.
Yeah, without a lot of emotional baggage, but I wouldn't make it a habit.
Death is pretty.

Question 12:Abortion...
A life is a life. No.
I guess it's okay, but only for rape victims or things like that.
If people need an abortion, it's up to them. No funding or anything.
Abortion should be governmentally funded.
I'll abort your life right now, if I want to.

Question 13:Lying, cheating, stealing...
You just described my life, man.
I do not steal, I do not cheat, I tell only little white lies to make people happy.
I don't steal or anything, but I tell lies to save my... neck.
Hey, it was a crime of passion!
Only if I'm sure I won't get caught.

Question 14:Are you a player? You know what kind.
No way. I would never cheat on my guy/girl, and if s/he did, I would break up with him/her.
I hope I would never cheat on my guy/girl, and I'd be hurt if s/he cheated on me.
I have lots of girlfriends/boyfriends... I hope they never meet.
No, but I might ask my girlfriend/boyfriend if s/he would consider a non-monogamous relationship.
What can I say? I have a hard time saying no.

Question 15:To get your way, you would go as far as...
Anything goes.
Negotiate. If that doesn't work, go through legal channels.
Ask nicely.
Manipulation and conniving.
Anything short of abuse. A little blackmail here, a little bribery there...

Question 16:What level of action do you enjoy in a movie?
Extreme. Explosions are nice, and it's really cool when there's a lot of gore.
Violence is immoral.
I like bloodless action.
I can stomach anything, don't really revel in any of it.
I love action, but extreme gore makes me queasy.

Question 17:Rate your masochism level.
I'm afraid of pain.
Only on others.
I can handle pain pretty well, but I don't seek it out.
I like moderate levels... gives me a nice rush.
Gore me, baby! Gore me!

Question 18:When you think nasty thoughts at your mortal enemy, what are they?
"May god have mercy on your soul."
"Sleep lightly."
Nasty insults
I imagine him or her mauled and mutilated beyond recognition
I dream of mauling him/her myself, and keeping him/her alive just long enough to die of pain

Question 19:Pretend you're the ruler of a country at war, and you capture some enemy operatives. How do you get information from them?
Gentle psychology, befriending him.
Good cop, bad cop routine, maybe something else like that.
Truth drugs.
A little of everything.
Hello, I don't keep these instruments of torture for decoration!

Question 20:If someone who was once a close friend or family member double-crosses you or otherwise gets on your bad side, what do you do?
See question eighteen.
Try to forgive them.
Forever hate them, but take no action.
Vow to get revenge, and carry through with it.
Ruin life for him by turning his friends against him, then frame him for a murder.

Question 21:And finally, why are you taking this quiz?
I'm afraid, so very afraid, because you threatened me.
To prove to someone I'm in no way twisted.
To gloat when I see that delicious perfect score... mwahahaha.
I'm bored.
I have a sneaking suspicion I'm a little twisted.

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