Are you controlled by a demon?
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Are you controlled by a demon?

See if you are possessed by a demon just like me.

Question 1:How do you like your meat?
Eeew!I like veggies better!
Cooked.Extra tender and juicy.
I like it raw so it can make me stronger

Question 2:What kind of weapon would you choose to kill a dragon?
My trusty sword!
I'm too scared to fight a dragon, so I run away instead.
I don't need weapons!I got my demon strength!

Question 3:You are in a bar.Why?
I don't know
I'm looking for someone
I came for a few drinks

Question 4:You find out your boy/girlfriend was killed by your sister.What do you do?
WAAAAAH!!I go to my boy/girlfriend's funeral.
I don't have a boy/girlfriend.I'm too busy fighting.

Question 5:You find 7, 000 gold!!What do you do with it?
I buy new weapons so I can have revenge on my sister.
I toss it.Stealing it from people is more fun.
I find who dropped it and give it back too them.

Question 6:You find a little kid sitting alone in the woods.
She is too small too kill, so I spare her stupid life.
I am that little kid!
Ask her why she is alone.Later, I take her home.

Question 7:You fall into a hole, A deep hole.
I scream for help
I climb out
I easily jump out

Question 8:An old man wants you to help him push a boulder out from in front of a cave that has his grandchildren in it.
I try to help but I can't seem to make the boulder move.
You tell him to find someone else
You agree to help

Question 9:Your sister put a spell on you that makes you kill people for her.
Can't resist......must fight it........can't let her win..
I am unaffected but mad at her for trying to make me HER slave.

Question 10:What do you usually wear?Where do you like to hang out?
ordinary school uniform/park
Jeans, loose t-shirt, blue jacket, and a chain necklace/Somewhere AWAY from everybody
A yellow t-shirt with an apple on it, a whistle, brown shorts, a red and orange cap/at home or at the playground with my friends

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