Are you a troublemaker?
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Are you a troublemaker?

Find out if you are a troublemaker. 'Nuff said.

Question 1:What do you do if you see your teacher at the mall or the store?
Say "hi" and start a long conversation.
Kick her, laugh, and then run as fast as you can to the bathroom.
Walk past her and hope she doesn't notice you.
Avoid all conversation possible.

Question 2:What do you do if you see a group of kids setting up some traps in the classrooms? You:
think, "What can it hurt?" but get in trouble with the teachers later.
chicken out.
go tell the teachers.
are the leader of this group.

Question 3:What do you do if you see some kids spraying graffiti on the walls of the school? You:
chicken out.
think, "What can it hurt?" and try it.
go tell the teacher.
are the leader of this group.

Question 4:What do you do if the same bunch starts to hop the fence and start pulling out all the plants in a poor old lady's back yard? You:
chicken out.
are the leader of this bunch, like I told you before.
think, "What can it hurt?" and try it.
go tell the teacher...and the old lady.

Question 5:This is question 5.
So what???
I'm telling the teacher...
Hey, maybe I could try and hack into the site.... great idea, kid!

Question 6:There is a hundred dollar bill on the ground. You:
take it to the police so's they can find the owner.
shove it into your pocket while nobody's looking.
leave it untouched.
pick it up, but then toss it. Stealing it from people is more fun.

Question 7:What would you think if I said that the police are behind you?
"Uh oh. They caught me."
"This kid's crazy. what kind of a question IS that?"
"Yeah, and your point would be?"
"I'm checking, just to make sure..."

Question 8:What would you do if one of the school's computer #21 was broken?
Yeah? So what? Not my problem.
Try to fix it.
Not use that computer. DUH.
Put a sign on the computer lab door that says, "Please note that only computer #21 will work. Do not use any other computer in this lab." and hope they fall for it.

Question 9:Your older sister/brother stole all the keys to the school and shoved them in her/his underwear drawer. What do you do?
Tell mommy! Without those keys we can't go to school! WAHHHHH!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!!!!
Keep the secret to myself.
Help them keep the keys hidden. I hate school. There's nothing to do except sleep and chew gum when you're not supposed to.
Nothing, because I *am* the older brother/sister... you know, the one that stole the keys.

Question 10:There is a cool new video game just laying on the ground. You:
steal it and go play it at your house.
do nothing. I hate video games.
leave it so's the owner can find it.
take it to the police so they can find the owner.

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