Which type of fart are you?
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Which type of fart are you?

Did you ever wonder exactly what type of fart you were? Use this test to find out!

Question 1:   Do you like to smell your own farts?
Yes, I am OBSESSED with them!
No, not really.
Yes, I love them!
No! That is disgusting!

Question 2:   What do people say about your farts?
"What is that terrible stench?"
Long and loud.
O my, who farted that bad?
"Was that the dog?"

Question 3:   What do you respond with when you fart?
That was the tv.
I farted 5 minutes ago.
I didn't hear anything.
That was the dog.

Question 4:   What do your farts smell like?
Rotten cheese.

Question 5:   How long do your farts last for?
3 minutes.
10 minutes.
1 minute.
15 seconds.

Question 6:   How long does it take for you to complete a fart from beginning to end?
3 seconds.
4 seconds.
6 seconds.
At least 10 seconds.

Question 7:   You fart. Your reaction is....
Act like nothing happened.
Wait until someone smells it then respond with, "Ooooh, Rover (or dog's name)"
Vapor choke.
Laugh hysterically.

Question 8:   Do you interrogate your farts?
Yes, but I usually have to wait for an answer.
No, it speaks for itself.
Yes, they need a breath mint.
Yes, but I don't receive an answer.

Question 9:   When you fart, what are you thinking?
Yes! No sound...
Good thing the dog is right next to me.
...Hope no one heard that.
Better open a window.

Question 10:   You smell someone else's fart. What do you think?
You look at the dog.
Hmm...where did that come from?
That smells almost as bad as mine...
Try to ignore it, although it sounded like something from WWII....

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