Are you Anti-social?
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Are you Anti-social?

Find out if you hate people, or love them.

Question 1:   When you are in a large group of people, do you..
Stay silent at all costs.
Try to be the most talkative.
I would never be caught dead in a group of people.
Put in small comments

Question 2:   In class, do you..
Talk to piss off the teacher
Sit in a corner.
Talk only if you need help.
Sit in the back row to talk all you want.

Question 3:   At home you..
Talk on the phone 24/7.
Chat online.
Sit in your room and listen to your music.
Talk about how your friend went out with your ex.(How could they?)

Question 4:   What kind of hair style do you have?
Short spikes.
However I look when I get up.
Whatever is in.
Long hair.

Question 5:   During lunch at school you..
Try to make an idiot of yourself.
Sit in a little spot all alone.
Talk to your 3 person click.
Talk to only 1 person even though you hang out in a large group.

Question 6:   At concerts..
I go moshing.
I just enjoy the show.
I wish the show would hurry up and end.
I don't really go to concerts.

Question 7:   What is your favorite color?

Question 8:   How often do you go out with your family?
Only if I get fed
All the time. Nothing more important than family.
Most of the time.

Question 9:   Which is your favorite animal of these?

Question 10:   Finally, where do you shop for clothes?
Hot Topic
Any place that is cheap.

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