Malice Mind
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Malice Mind

How malicious are you?

Question 1:   One of your closest friends tells you that they are in love with you.
Hmm...great (I'll never see YOU again)
Threaten them and then never speak to them again
Kill them sweet

Question 2:   You have your eye on someone cute but your best friend has their eye on them too...
Kill them, they ain't no friend of yours
Don't you DARE try it on with my heart's desire...
Oh well, c'est la vie
If you try anything, I will KILL YOU

Question 3:   You fail one of your most important exams.
Sit in your room and cry
Kill the guy that marks the exams
Threaten the guy that marks the exams
If only I could go back in time...

Question 4:   Someone you don't know is hanging off the edge of a cliff. You can save them...
Let them hang for a while to see what happens
Stamp on their fingers for a bit...............then watch them fall...
Cut their fingers off and laugh as they fall
Save them!

Question 5:   A complete stranger calls you something that you find offensive.
Stalk them home, wake them up at midnight, then kill them
Ignore them
I'm rubber, you're glue....
Scream back at them and try to pull their tongues out

Question 6:   One of your most trusted friends betrays one of your secrets.
Ambush them in a dark alleyway with a spiked baseball bat
Tell everyone EVERYTHING about your 'friend', and add some more little bits
How could you? *sob*
Okay, I'll tell everyone ALL of your secrets!

Question 7:   Your pet dies.
Use voodoo on the vet
Go on a rampage and destroy everything, then get all the vets in the world and kill them.......slowly.....
Go on a rampage and kill everyone else's pet

Question 8:   You find out that the world is actually a big fat rhubarb.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, rhubarb..........
Try and destroy the world by eating it
Kill everyone that knows, so only YOU know.....

Question 9:   You're sitting in your room feeling the blues, whaddya do? You have a hi-fi system next to you....(hint hint)
Torture some people to make yourself feel good
Listen to some depressing music
I'll listen to some funky tunes!
Listen to songs that scream about the end of the world

Question 10:   You finish watching a really violent movie and you feel a bit pathetic and weak.
I am what I am
Play some violent videogames to cheer yourself up
Go and kill someone, it doesn't matter who it is
Find the actors of the film and kill them, then say 'NOW who is the best? Answer me! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!'

Question 11:   You ask your heart's desire out and they reject you.
Kill them, kill their friends and then hunt down and kill their families
Stupid idiot, I'm too good for 'em anyway....
Why? WWHHHYYYYY? *loud sob*
Kill them

Question 12:   I'm an insane psychopath, what about you?
Get lost, I've got people to kill
Me? evil?
Too nice to say really....

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