Patience Is A Virtue...Really?
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Patience Is A Virtue...Really?

Do you freak out easily, or is everyone else just so completely ignorant? Take this quiz to see how patient-or impatient-you are. Have fun!

Question 1:   The guy ahead of you in the lunch line is taking forever to decide between gravy and biscuits(I think)a chicken sandwich, you
Sigh loudly
Bop him upside the head and say "Make up your mind!"
Politely ask if you can cut in front

Question 2:   A nasty old beater(the car)driving in front of you is going 15 mph-in a 35 zone. You
Stick your arm out the window and make obscene gestures
Honk and (if possible) drive around them
Scream loudly in the confines of your vehicle

Question 3:   Your little cousin is throwing a tantrum at the store because you won't buy her the new Super Barbie. You,
Scream and whine just as loud
Walk away and never return (ouch.)
Pick her up and tell her to knock it off

Question 4:   MMMMPPPFFF! Crap. Your car has just died beside the road,2 miles from the nearest gas station. You,
Kick the tires, the door, the bumper, and....
Walk to the station, or call for help on your cell phone
Cry and sit in the car until help comes along...maybe

Question 5:   Chemistry II is killin' you, and you need to pass your final, but they guy sitting next to you keeps sniffling during the test. You,
Fling your pencil at his head
Stand up and make an announcement about "the jerk that keeps sniffling better stop or else"
Whisper and tell him to get some Kleenex up front

Question 6:   At work, a lady comes up to you and asks where the restrooms are, even though she's standing right in front of them. You,
Roll your eyes and say, "Duh, right there"
Look at her in amazement, then walk away
Smile and direct her to her destination

Question 7:   How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Are you kidding?
What is your freakin' problem! Next question!
Ha, ha...I think I know this...

Question 8:   The boyfriend(or girlfriend)and you are arguing about which movie will win Best Picture at the Oscars. They win, and laugh about it in your face. You,
Point in their face and say "So? So? So? Huh? So?"
Freak out
Laugh with them. Who cares?

Question 9:   Some guy just gave you the whole "Did-it-hurt-when-you-fell-from-heaven?" schpeel, but you're not in the mood. You,
Look at him and say "Are you stupid or something?"
Smile and say "Excuse me," then leave
Slap him

Question 10:   One of the snotty girls in your class is bragging-once again-about how perfect she is, yada, yada, yada, and you're sick of it. You,
Scream in fury and plant a hand mark on her $10,000 face
Tell her she actually looks kinda like your old Aunt Agnes, nose mole and all
Tell her she is getting in over her head, nicely as possible

This Quiz has been designed by Shelley Osborn.