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Are you ticklish?

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    Are you ticklish?
    Are you ticklish?

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212 days ago
I'm ticklish af especially my stomach and I tend to squirm a lot when tickled and sometimes my girlfriend tickes me just to see me squirm lol great quiz by the way😊😊
292 days ago
I'm ticklish, but i love it!
440 days ago
everytime i get tickled i get hiccups so my family teases me by tickling a lot every day i get tickles im 1000% ticklish
471 days ago
I’m very ticklish pretty much everywhere but especially on my feet and my toes and I love being tied up too
578 days ago
Well, Dang It! I'm ticklish!
599 days ago
I'm super ticklish, especially on my sides and armpits. I get tickled pretty often by friends and family, and they know how ticklish i am but they'll still keep tickling me. sometimes even until i pee myself! It's happened i don't know how many times now and they told classmates that i'm ticklish too. they keep poking my sides in the hallways at school although i haven't peed myself at school (yet)

i don't hate it for some reason, i think i might have a thing for tickling. i don't think i'm that weird tho, because there's a lot of people on this page that seem to like it too

there's just something about not being in control of myself
629 days ago
My back is extremely ticklish tickle me there and you have me pinned down to the floor laughing
632 days ago
EVERYWHERE...Once someone tickled my side and I accidentally slapped them😔
646 days ago
Only my armpit is ticklish BUT IT'S WAY TOO TICKLISH that I don't wear tank tops whenever I go somewhere.
718 days ago
It says it is not sure! I thought that was the point of this test!
734 days ago
I’m really ticklish almost everywhere but my best spots are belly button stomach feet neck Sides but my best spot is hips even if they just touch me by accident I literally die of laughter I have a boyfriend that always gets bored so he found out that I was ticklish and now he does it as a hobby I don’t really know if I like being

Tickled I mean it’s fun I guess
764 days ago
I get very ticklish but I’ve never peed from it before, but my tickle spots are my neck, armpits, bottom part of my tummy and the most ticklish spot are my feet omg tickle me there I almost pee !
766 days ago
I'm 16 years old now my most ticklish spots are my armpits, neck, and sides, (I'm ticklish everywhere). My younger brother age 13 always tickles me, I can't get revenge because he isn't ticklish and that's not fair. There was a time when he poked his pencil in my armpit (I was wearing sleeveless that time) that made me scream and giggle and I realized that my armpits is my most ticklish spot. And lastly Is it weird that I still pee getting tickled at this age?
781 days ago
There was a time in school in my 9th grade where we are practicing for a dance for an upcoming school event and there is a scene where the girls have to be lifted by her partner which my partner put his fingers in my exposed underarms not sure if that was intentional or I'm just way too ticklish that it made me scream in laughter that my partner decided to put me down and say sorry which isn't his fault, and btw I'm not the only one who was struggling because of ticklishness in that dancing.LoL.
782 days ago
I really love to wear tank top but by a stupid twists my armpits is my most ticklish and my only tickle spot. I literally can't handle being tickled in my armpit even only 30 seconds I really hate it but my cousin always tickles me till I almost pee or sometimes it even made me pee.
846 days ago
I love being tickled. It relieves stress for me. My best tickle places are my tummy, sides, belly button and feet. Even when I go to the doctor and she presses on my tummy I always giggle. I'm an adult but my mom still tickles me and I love it. Being tickled is so much fun for me
857 days ago
Tickle my armpits for 10 seconds and I'm gonna pee.
956 days ago
I am really ticklish. I usu ally become a ticklee because t try to tickle them. My friends know where I am ticklish,which are my stomach and sides.i try to get tools but they never work on my friends and they always work on me. I never got tied up before I wondered what it would be like
977 days ago
One time me my crush and my best friend were sleeping over at one point my crush accidentally tickled my side a I broke out laughing they they realized I'm ticklish a tickled me for about a hour
1020 days ago
Also can you share some of your tickle experiences I really need help here