Test Your Luck! - The Luck Check

Feeling lucky? Well, you already lucked out by finding my quiz! (Just kidding, I'm not THAT full of myself!) Try it now and see how lucky you are in life! I'll wish you good luck, but you might not need it if you're a lucky person!

  • 1/10
    Have you ever won a lottery prize? (Even small ones count.)

Comments (25)


7 days ago
0-4/10 what the heck
99 days ago
I got 0/10 no surpriises there...
161 days ago
"lucky penny" i found a rare penny from 1920 once :)
205 days ago
well 😘 i got very unlucky
244 days ago
I've won the pools, bingo, the Premium Bonds and the lottery more than I've had hot dinners! I also frequently find coins in the street and even the occasional bank note. I reckon if I fell off the Coop I'd land in the divis!
282 days ago
So I got really unlucky in a game and I came here to check. It said I'm "VERY unlucky." aka 0/10 lmao
342 days ago
1/2(5/10) lucky
blah blah blah blah blah (put this because my message too short)
360 days ago
woah I got 9/10 that's very odd for me.
375 days ago
0/10 o suprise there
388 days ago
very unlucky lol not suprised
ill just say black cats are not bad luck cuz ive been in quarintine and have a black
cat and i was petting her a lot and today we got a call saying i could escape this
nightmare and go back to school :D
390 days ago
i got 0/10, what great luck
446 days ago
So im very lucky

i got 3/10
519 days ago
Fake all time same 😒
570 days ago
Yes of course I am unlucky in my life time ever
623 days ago
Yes I'm very unlucky 😭😭
623 days ago
When is my lucky days
672 days ago
Hi how do I check my good luck and bad luck
684 days ago
I want to check my luck
684 days ago
What are the chances of me getting all questions wrong alot since ya' know that happened to meh of course meh why meh
692 days ago
i get lucky at least 7 times a day