The Paranoia quiz
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The Paranoia quiz

Is your paranoia going to be the death of you?

Question 1:   The alarm clock goes off at 6:45. You think -
Okay, it was JUST an alarm clock....
YAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHH! Oh my god, *breathes heavily*
Oh my god, it's the end of the world as we know it...

Question 2:   Okay, so you're brushing your teeth. You're thinking -
Just think of the things in that toothpaste...
What if I jammed this thing down my throat?
Did.. the .... door....just ..... open ......a ....little?

Question 3:   You're getting dressed. You're thinking-
Oh god, I'm so fat...
God, what if some one comments on my socks..?
I can feel some one watching me... I can feel it, man.

Question 4:   You're walking to school/the bus stop. You think-
Oh god, do I look okay?
Is that guy in the van over there staring at me?
Why is everyone staring at me...? *holds breath*

Question 5:   You're on the bus. You think-
Don't.....look..... in .....mirror...
Oh my god, I'm in plain sight of that mirror...
Don't..... do.....anything.....stupid. That kid over there is watching me...

Question 6:   You enter your school. You think-
Am I late!
Oh god, there's a counselor over there...
Why does the principal ALWAYS stand by MY locker? Have they been digging in it again?

Question 7:   You walk in late for class. You think -
Okay, you can stop watching me any minute now.
Oh god, all eyes are on me
(two boys snicker) Are they laughing at me? Did I do something stupid?

Question 8:   You hear your name on the intercom. You think-
Oh god, I'm failing science again...
Are they bored and just need some one to stalk?
Oh god, the shrink is STALKING me again....

Question 9:   You're on the internet in the library. Your computer jumps and slows down. You think -
God, why is it always me?
Are they tapping into my system again?
God, NO! They're watching me on shared screens... be careful what I say, what I do... god, please stop watching me...

Question 10:   Finally, who's coming after you?
The cops
The Shrinks
Everyone from the squirrels down to Michael Jackson!

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