How Paranoid Are You Really?
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How Paranoid Are You Really?

Is the science teacher's guinea pig really trying to kill you? Or are you just bored?

Question 1:   What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Peek under your bed to see if the evil ninja sweatpants are going to attack.
Fake sleep. You can't let them know you know they're spying on you.
Calmly get out of bed and get ready for school.

Question 2:   When you look at yourself in the mirror, you:
Groan. Major bed head.
Stare at that person looking at you, wondering why they're watching you.
Duck away from the mirror. They're ready to shoot you from the other side.

Question 3:   How many emergency exits are in your house?
If you mean doors....
11, not counting windows. But if you're attacked, you could go through a window.....
No house...white room with squishy walls.

Question 4:   Someone grabs your shoulder from behind. You:
Smile and grab their shoulder.
Turn around and give them the evil eye.
Pass out.

Question 5:   You see a sock in the floor. It wasn't there when you looked a minute ago.
HA! They finally made a mistake!
Okay, SOMEONE has been going through my laundry.

Question 6:   A dog barks at you. You:
Walk a little faster.
Bark back.
Shriek and bolt- their canine unit has arrived!

Question 7:   If the cutest guy in school came up to you and said hi, you'd:
Ask them what federal organization sent them.
Ask them where the ladies' room is.

Question 8:   You studied for hours, but still failed the big semester test.
Happy places...find happy places....
Freak and begin your will. Mom will kill you when she finds out.
Wonder how else they're trying to sabotage your life.

Question 9:   You go to the theme park with some buddies. They dare you to ride the roughest roller coaster there.
You hide in the ladies' room, mentally seeing the coaster fall apart right when you go upside down.
You don't care- there's a chipmunk on the roof.
You go- who are you to turn down a dare?

Question 10:   Granola bar.

Question 11:   You hear a voice calling after you, so you-
Ignore it. It's just your shrink.
Run. They're after you!
Turn and grin- nice boyfriend.

Question 12:   What am I about to ask you?
Where are my fuzzy bunny slippers?
How did you do your hair?
I didn't do it!

Question 13:   Red.
Is the color of my new shirt.
Rubber ducky.
Blood. My blood.

Question 14:   When you are in a crowded room, you:
Flirt with every hot guy or girl you see.
Show everyone your new X-Men Halloween costume.
Scan the room nervously, looking for possible assassins.

Question 15:   This quiz is nearly over. You are feeling:
Glad. They watch you through your computer monitor.

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