Are you overly paranoid, self-conscious, or just completely confident?
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Are you overly paranoid, self-conscious, or just completely confident?

Are you the kind of person to get nervous in social situations, feel like everyone is staring at you, or constantly worry about what to say and if you are saying it right? Or are you extremely confident? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   It is the first day of school. The teacher has assigned seats alphabetically, and your seat falls directly front row center. You think:
Oh shit. All those eyes. . . judging . . . why me?
All right! Now I am sure to be the center of attention!
K. Cool.
All right! Now I can show off my new outfit!
Oh shit. Now everyone is going to see how I didn’t have time to do my hair this morning. . .and how my outfit doesn’t match. . . . and that stain on my sleeve. . .

Question 2:   Somehow you have managed to catch a very bad cold. It is the middle of class, and you really need to blow your nose. You:
Are at a loss for what to do. If you blow your nose, it could be gross. However, if you don’t blow your nose, it could end up running out all over the place. Maybe if I blew my nose it would make me seem more confident. . . or just be disgusting. . . oh I don’t know!
Wipe your nose on your sleeve, and go back to sleep.
Try to keep sniffing it back in. Blowing your nose would be gross, and what if some of it missed the Kleenex? Then people would think you are a disgusting slob.
Blow your nose from your desk, wad up the dirty Kleenex, and attempt to make a basket in the garbage can at the front of the room.
Walk slowly to the front of the room, blow your nose with your back to the class and your front to the garbage can, but in just the right pose to show off your new jeans.

Question 3:   You enter a class, and instantly some girls begin giggling and whispering. Your first reaction is:
Oh god. It’s my hair, isn’t it? I knew it looked ridiculous.
Yes, that kid over there IS wearing a ridiculous outfit. I agree.
Look around to see who did something funny so you can laugh too.
Girls . . . .
They’re laughing at me, aren’t they? Is there something on my face? Was it something I did yesterday? What’s going on?

Question 4:   You are at your first home track meet, and are preparing to run your race, when you notice people giving you weird looks. You:
Figure they are smirking because they already know you are going to do badly.
Smile and make a weird face back.
Figure they’re jealous because you make this track uniform look HOT.
Don’t really notice.
Wonder if the next race isn’t really your race, and you are at the wrong one.

Question 5:   Your class is working on group projects, and your teacher has instructed each group to sit in a circle to work. You think:
Good. Now I can see everyone.
Circles. Cool.
Good. Now everyone will be able to see my shoes better. They’re designer, you know. . .
Oh great. Now people will be able to notice what I look like, what my facial expressions are, and pretty much everything. I may as well be on stage.
Oh great. Now I will be in plain sight, and people will notice how crappy I look.

Question 6:   You go on a trip to an away camp with a group of people you know somewhat, but not very well. While there, the camp plays a game in the middle of the night where each group works together to find something in the forest. You somehow manage to get separated from your group. You:
Look for them, all the while worrying that getting lost will make you look like a total idiot.
Look for them for a few minutes, then go back to the cabin. What would you have said if you found them? There’s no telling what they would think of you by then. And besides, what if you didn’t find them?
Sit down right where you are, and assume that people will immediately notice you are gone and turn around to come find you. Besides, there is no way you are going to walk around in the pitch black darkness. You might run into something or step in something, and you are wearing new boots.
Look for them for a few minutes, then go back to the cabin and sleep. This game was boring anyway, and getting lost was a good excuse to get away.
Walk around calling for them, laughing when you run into things. When you can’t find them, you join another group that you ran into . . . literally.

Question 7:   You walk into a party full of extremely popular or esteemed people. The first thing you do is:
Sit down in front of the nearest television.
Walk around, saying a brief hello to every group of people. You want to make sure they notice the absolutely killer outfit you are wearing.
Find the loud, fun people and join them.
Notice that everyone is wearing something completely different. Wait, this was a formal party?
Try to blend in. You wouldn’t want to say or do something wrong, especially not right off the bat. It gives a bad first impression

Question 8:   It is the end of the first quarter, and the teacher is telling everyone their grades. To make things go faster, she is calling grades aloud. You:
Are glad, because now everyone can hear about your A+.
Ask to be excused to the washroom. That way no one will have to hear your horrible grade, and you won’t have to announce in front of the class that you would rather it not be read aloud.
Are unsure of what to do. If she calls your grade, people will either think you are an overachiever or stupid (depending on the grade). However, if you don’t let her call your grade aloud, people will think you are hiding something. Eventually you decide to let her say it, and pretend not to care whatever it is.
Are fine with that, and smile whether it's an A or an F.
Aren’t paying attention anyway.

Question 9:   School has just ended, and you hear your cell ring in your pocket. It is your mom saying she can’t come pick you up, to take the bus home instead. You haven’t ridden it in a long time, but hurry to it anyway. By the time you get there, there are no empty seats, so you sit next to some guy you have never seen before. Throughout the ride, you notice him sneaking side glances at you. You think:
It’s probably because he doesn’t know who I am. I hope I didn’t say or do anything wrong to give him a bad first impression.
Yes, I am attractive.
Oh how rude of me, I didn’t even introduce myself.
I wonder if he is as tired as I am.
What? Do I offend? I should have put more deodorant on this morning.

Question 10:   Some people have dared you to wear a bright, neon shirt with a huge picture of everyone’s least favorite teacher on the front of it.
Sure! It’ll be hilarious!
Sure, you’ll wear it . . . if you remember . . . .
No way would you do that! Neon is so retro. Unless, of course, everyone else is wearing them too. . .
Definitely not. Neon would make you more noticeable, and people would be more likely to judge everything else.
Absolutely not. You don’t need to look like any more of a loser.

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