Am I Retarded?

Do people always look at you like, what the heck is wrong with you? Do you often speak in fake accents or wear your clothes inside-out? These are actually three top ways to be a retard, although there are countless others.

Find out if you really are one - take our quiz now!

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    Do you talk to yourself?

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1323 days ago
This is mean. Obviously not for actual info.
1342 days ago
i always knew i was a retard
1360 days ago
this test is more retarded than me lmao
1372 days ago
Haha I was born in Africa 😊
1386 days ago
I’m so proud that I’m retarded that means im weird my dreams are coming true!
1393 days ago
I’m semi retarded n proud lol
1580 days ago
im 98% normal oh wait no im 98% retarded
1609 days ago
Who the frick is Spencer?
1612 days ago
Im 50% retarded i hate myself, well gotta drink a lots of milk .thank god im not 100% retarded because that will be way worse rather than 50
1614 days ago
however i can say that learned something from taking this test, i learned that i would rather watch paint dry. on my lawn. while my grass is growing. very slowly. sooooooo i guess this is goodbye, i hope you all rememebr me for who i was. down down. Your local tard.

love, with deepest retard love,

down down
1614 days ago
my feelings hurt. or maybe they would if i was touch with them. however this test tells me that im 50% downtistic. unfortunatly my feelings that may have been hurt were part of that 50% that was overtaken by 'Le Tardation'
1614 days ago
im so glad i took this test! now i can tell all my friends that im half retarded! no im joking this was a waste of time, i dont have friends and im 100% retarded. screw you test.
1624 days ago
wait who's Spencer, and what does retarded mean, SOMEONE TELL ME WHO I AM!!!!! or do i just not have a name, who cares about that cause I lOvE sPeNceR!!!!!!!!
1629 days ago
I LOVE SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
1639 days ago
I actually know someone named Spencer and he is gross! No girls love him! Lol
1678 days ago
I'm 50% retarded... I'm so proud of myself! :D
1743 days ago
!Im 90% Normal!(eteal))
1795 days ago
I love spencer, for over djgaerjgh me & spencer my imaginary friend have designed to become fwends, and u wiww have friends too! ieeeeeeehhhhhh
1795 days ago
I'm going to eat you little fart'
1795 days ago
Ie gott "You are a total retard! You are the most retarded person in the world! No one likes you, you might as well move to Africa because you have no friends." and I ansered all of the question's honestlly