Am I Retarded?

Do people always look at you like, what the heck is wrong with you? Do you often speak in fake accents or wear your clothes inside-out? These are actually three top ways to be a retard, although there are countless others.

Find out if you really are one - take our quiz now!

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    Do you talk to yourself?

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1840 days ago
i am a total retard
1860 days ago
You are 98% normal! There is a chance that in the far off future (like when you are 80) you could become retarded but for now you are fine.
1865 days ago
I didn't get a single question correct
1934 days ago
I'm 50% Retarted
1954 days ago
I love Spencer

I love Spencer

I love Spencer

I love Spencer
1966 days ago
Spencer from iCarly? He's cool but no I'm not retarded.
1997 days ago
I am a 🐬 guy woohee her hoo
1998 days ago
I'm a ratard bbabaabbaabab
2149 days ago
But I love Spencer....I'm no Wetard