How stupid ARE you??
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How stupid ARE you??

Have you ever done or said something really stupid.......??

Question 1:You are walking down the hall, and the kid behind you farts...what do you do?
Give him a strange look, but move on.
Turn to your best bud and say, "EW! What a freak!"
Pinch your nose and tell him to take it to the bathroom next time.
Crack up laughing and make a scene.
Go up to him and say, "Geez! Go check your pants man!"

Question 2:You're watching TV, and your little brother runs down the stairs and starts screaming...what do you do?
Turn the volume up.
Grab him and tell him to shut up before you flush him down the toilet.
Politely tell him to be quiet.
Turn the volume up really loud and start screaming.
Leave the room and go somewhere else.

Question 3:You're doing Biology homework, and you come across a word you don't know. You:
Look it up in the glossary.
Research it on the internet.
Slam your book and go crying in your room.
Shout, "Stupid! I don't k now anything!"
Ask your parents.

Question 4:On your way to the bus in the morning, you step in a pile of dog crap. When you get on the bus, everyone looks at you and says, "What is that smell!?" You say:
Beats me.
Lift up your shoe and say, "Hey guys...guess what? I stepped in my dogs crap!"
Man...someone really needs a cleanin'.
Get really mad and say, "Guys! Knock it off! Stop teasing me!"

Question 5:You walk into the kitchen and your brother is choking, what do you do?
Give him the heimlech?
Call your grandma.
Call 911.
Crack up laughing.
Shout, "Moooooooom!"

Question 6:Your mom tells you to get up and do your chores. You don't want to, so she tells you that you're lazy. You:
Get up and do them right away.
Tell her to shut up.
Tell her you are sick of her, and you continue to sit there.
Say, "Nu uh! I'm not lazy." And continue to watch TV
Make your brother do it.

Question 7:You went to the store, and on a dare stole an outfit. As you are walking out of the store, you notice a police officer. You:
Calmly walk past.
Giggle with your friend as you walk back to your car.
Walk up to him and say, "You know, I've never committed any other crimes."
Say, "Dude, can I have your autograph."
Walk up to him and say, "Ok. Turn me in."

Question 8:You come into school in the morning with a black eye becuase you ran into your door. You tell everyone what:
I got into a fight with my brother.
I fell off the bed.
When I was feeding my dog, he ran into me.
I poked myself in the eye with a pencil.
Huh? What are you talking about.?

Question 9:Michael Jackson comes on the
Change the channel.
See what it's about, and then keep channel surfing.
Get up and say, "Dude! This guy is awesome!"
Say, "Mom...I'm thinking of getting a nose job like his. What do you think?"
Try to do the moonwalk, and trip over your own feet.

Question 10:As you are checking your e-mail, you come across one in your inbox that says, "Click Here." When you click on it, it takes you to a site saying, "Bigger Breasts. Larger Penis." You try to click out of it, but it won't go away, you:
Call for your mom and dad to come fix it.
Panic and start to cry.
Call all your friends, cracking up.
Click for more information. Hey, you're already there...mine as well take advantage of it.
Go to your mom and say, "Mom, do you think I have a small chest?"

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