How Stupid Are You?
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How Stupid Are You?

The Stupidometer! It determines whether you are truly stupid or just wish you were!

Question 1:Who was the 1st president of the United States?
George Bush
Some old guy
Harry Potter
What the crap is a president?
George Washington

Question 2:What does Martha Stewart do?
She's a bank robber!
Who is this Martha Stewart?
Rescues dead animals from junkyards
Boring media icon who messes with stocks

Question 3:What color was Michael Jackson before he turned white?
All the colors of the rainbow!

Question 4:What cannot be brought here from Cuba?
Margarita Mix

Question 5:Who wants to take over Africa?
Nelson Mandela
Harriet Tubman
Whitney 'Drug Addict' Houston
Saddam Hussein
Headless Chipmunks with M-79's and automatics(they can see quite well thank you very much!)

Question 6:Who created the Internet?
William Gates(y'all peeps call him Bill)
Al Gore
A nerd who found a glitch one day while he was in 7th grade buisness and tech and on the oregon train game
Christopher Columbus
The Japanese

Question 7:What made the Titanic sink?
That fat chick Molly Brown who was so fat that the boat couldn't hold her any longer and cracked in half
The lazy crew were too busy getting messed up and playing Spin The Bottle when a German torpedo hit 'em dead on
Iceberg Fields
Rosie O'Donnell

Question 8:From the movie Men In Black, finish the song lyric provided: Here come.....
Geoffrey Rush
A Big Alien
Some Snack Packs
Some More Annoying Song Lyrics!
Men In Black

Question 9:What comes from a cow?
Pee Pee
Fast Food
John Goodman,Tim Allen and Jack Nicholson are good examples!

Question 10:What do Chinese people have....well most of 'em?
General Sou's Chicken
Rice,Rice and more Rice!
Annoying voices

Question 11:Who has the dumbest talk show still shown today?
Jerry Springer(Jerry for Senate all the way!)
Maury(Loves Chinese Chicks so much he even went with the sleazeball newscaster Connie Chung and also likes to exploit people)
Jenny Jones(She has such an annoying smile you just wanna....!)
Dr.Phil (Yeah...mmmmmkay!)
Okra...Oh! I'm sorry Oprah!(Black Lady)

Question 12:Who do Americans dislike extremely?
Polish Sausage Sellers
French people
Steven Cuchicaro (the dumb gay guy newsreporter who wears girly clothes and makeup and looks anorexic trying to be like Steven Tyler when he looks more a girl than a man! fact, maybe he is a girl!?)
Canadiens....ya never know!

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