Are you Stupid?
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Are you Stupid?

A test to see just how stupid you are...You may be hot...but do you know ANYTHING?

Question 1:   What do you do when you hear the word "Test?"
Freak out completely and write your will
Get a little nervous
Do nothing

Question 2:   How well do you usually do on tests?
AAAA! Don't say that word (I fail it, BTW)!
Usually not very well
It depends, I've done well many times, but sometimes I suck
Usually fairly well (A's, B's, sometimes C's)
I do great and Ace all of them

Question 3:   Do you think you are dumb?
No...I think I'm an idiot!
Often, but not all the time
Only if I do something stupid

Question 4:   Have your friends (or anybody for that matter) called you "stupid," or something like that?
All the time
They have only a couple times
Never in my life
I hafta call THEM stupid!

Question 5:   What is the square root of 9,000,000?
What's a square root anyway?

Question 6:   Have you ever been in an AG, honors, or in a higher ranking class then you could've gotten?
I've been in several
What's AG?
I've never and will never be in something like that
I've been in 1 or a couple

Question 7:   What grades do you get?
A's and B's
A's every time
All of them (some A's, B's, C's, D's, and F's) or most of them
C's and B's, sometimes A's. I might've failed a class or gotten a D

Question 8:   Do you usually ask people for help because you don't have a clue what the heck you're doing (as in not because you need a little help)?
I usually help others, heck, I learn faster then anyone!
I do that practically everyday!

Question 9:   Are you happy when you make a C on a test?
Yes! I don't care if everyone else made an A++ on it!
Only if everyone else made that or lower
Usually, but not always
No way! I'd scream, even if I made the top grade!
If I couldn't understand the work

Question 10:   Have you done well on tests recently, if so, how well?
Yes, I made an 100 or grater
No, I've failed practically every one!
I did OK on them, usually a C or higher
I've done pretty good on them, B's or higher
Not really, C's and D's, maybe an F

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