Are you stupid?
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Are you stupid?

Want to see if you're as smart as you think you are? Check it out.

Question 1:   You're at the mall with your friends, and the person you like happens to be there with their friends. To your surprise, they come up to talk to you. You:
Keep a conversation going while trying to keep your knees from shaking.
Are smooth and witty, and the only person who could possibly feel stupid is them.
Can't think of anything to say so you smile while they talk, the whole while praying you have nothing in your teeth.
Make an excuse to leave, then run away to squeal excitedly to your friends.

Question 2:   You have an important assignment coming up. Unfortunately, this Saturday is also your friend's birthday, and she's having a huge party all weekend. What do you do?
Go party, get wasted, then wake up on Monday and realize you have no assignment and you have to be at school in 10 minutes
Stay at home all weekend and finish the project
Do a quick job of the project, then go for the party!
Sleep with the teacher.

Question 3:   You’re taking a flight to Paris first-class, and get on the plane to discover that some freak is sitting in your specially-requested window-seat. You:
Demand that he get the hell out or you're going to sick your imaginary pet dragon on him.
Scream at him until he either cries or tries to escape out the window.
Sadly take the aisle seat, and think at least the washroom will be easily accessible.
Tell him he's in your seat, and calmly help him figure out where the hell his seat is.

Question 4:   You're swimming and your bikini top accidentally falls off. What do you do to handle the situation?
Stand paralyzed in the water until the beach closes and your friends realize you're not with them.
Run out of the water screaming for help.
Cover yourself with your hands and go ask the cute lifeguard to help you find it.
Dive around until you find it, in the meantime giving everyone a good show.

Question 5:   Your boyfriend has been going out on his own for the past few nights, and today you discover a used condom in his car. It is NOT YOURS. You:
Dump his dumb ass, and bid him congratulations on the start of his collection of venereal diseases.
Beat the shit out of him, make him tell you who she is, then beat the shit out of her.
Decide to talk to him about it. You'll probably end up dumping him, but there's a chance you might work it out.
Decide it was probably a one-time thing and stick with him anyway.

Question 6:   A guy comes up to you and asks you to try to touch your elbows together behind your back while jumping up and down.
You do it, and wonder why he seems to suddenly be having a great time and why the hell you can't seem to touch your elbows together.
Slap the guy and stalk off.
Do it, then ask him to see if he can touch the back of his head to his buttocks.
Say no, but you might consider it after he takes you to this concert you've been wanting to go to....

Question 7:   You're on the dance floor, dancing in a small group with your boyfriend and another couple of friends when some Hilton-sister-wannabes come up and start hitting on your guy.
You go up to him and give him a kiss to let them know who he's with, then go back to dancing.
You pull him away and begin to grind with him.
You go up to them and tell them they'd better get the hell away, or they'll be pulling pieces of beer bottle out of their asses for the next week.
Continue dancing, and ignore it. How could you compete against them? And they're too enormous to fight anyway...

Question 8:   You're trying to set your friend up on a date with some guy, but you secretly are attracted to him as well. You:
Arrange for them to get together and give up hope. There are other men.
Go up to him, grab him and kiss him. Screw the friendship, you want the guy!
Set them up, but don't write him off completely. You'll hang out with him as a friend and he can choose who he wants.
Don't set them up, tell her how you feel, and agree that neither of you will date him.

Question 9:   You have what some may call a bit of a weight problem. What are you wearing?
High-waisted tight jeans and a white sweater.
All white.
All black.
A sweatsuit, because you are working out to get rid of those pounds!

Question 10:   You are incredibly skinny and could pass as a male body-double. What are you wearing?
A tight shirt and some low-riding jeans.
A peasant shirt and a flowing skirt.
A loose top with some tight-fitting pants.
Nothing at all.

Question 11:   You're 20 years old. Who is the celebrity you look up to most?
Liv Tyler
Britney Spears
Hillary Duff

Question 12:   Do you feel lost a lot of time?
Where am I?
No, I'm was I going again?
No, I'm usually not going anywhere anyway.
No. I'm right here.

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