The Weird Profile
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The Weird Profile

Sure, everybody's weird, but what weird is you?

Question 1:You realize, all too suddenly, that you are late for something. What's your excuse when you arrive there 10 minutes later?
Sorry, I was attacked by the Hamburglar in the McDonalds parking lot.
I had to, um, take care of some unfinished business with my dealer, if you know what I mean.
The Discovery Channel had a mind boggling special on yams.

Question 2:You're at a formal party, when you gotta go. What do you say?
I need to wizzle and I don't care who knows so excuse me from your humble establishment!
I need a leak please. Did you know some people actually brush their teeth with urine?
I gotta piss, so tell me where the can is or I'll shoot you.

Question 3:(''>>) (<<'') What's this?
A Kirby boxing tournament of course!
It's what happens when I take a crap. You know, kinda round and pointy!
The hack code I typed into the Bass Pro Shop database to "legally obtain" a rifle.

Question 4:Turkey:
Use the bones to kill someone
Eat with marshmallows
Perform "experiments"

Question 5:Chapstick:
Shove up someone's @$$ when then mess with me.
Perform "Experiments"
Eat, nummy!

Question 6:What do you wear to school or work or casually?
Either normal clothes or something odd and flamboyant (like candy necklaces and toe socks)
Leather, chains, Dead Barbies band t-shirt
Band camp t-shirt, blue chinos

Question 7:Define "mace"
What my mom always told me to carry to spray in the face of all attackers. I ate it once as part of an "experiment"
My pet fuzz's nickname (short for Macy)
What I like to take to gang fights to hit with

Question 8:Closest thing to favorite band
Simon and Garfunkle
Lampy and the Regis Philbins
The $%&#*@s

Question 9:When you fart
I try and aim it at someone I hate
I like to play a little ditty
I collect it in a can, for "experiments"

Question 10:Something you might say
Gee whillakers and a slice of pie
Up your @$$ with a wire whisk

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