How weird are you?
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How weird are you?

How weird are you??

Question 1:Have you ever made up words to use in everyday conversation? e.g. 'framboozle', 'hazalatamble' etc.
Question 2:Do you think the world looks better upside down?
Question 3:Do you save your cinema ticket stubs?
Question 4:Do you know the first 15 digits or more of Pi?
Question 5:Do you have more than 10 nicknames which people use to call you?
Question 6:Do you read books or magazines upside down for no reason, just for fun?
Question 7:Has anybody ever described you as: weird, a freak, freaky, a weirdo or anything similar?
Question 8:Did you take it as a compliment?
Question 9:Can you name all the Star Trek movies in correct order of making?
Question 10:Can you recite the ten commandments?
Question 11:Do you or have you ever had an imaginary friend?
Question 12:Have you ever been to a party in fancy dress when it wasn't a fancy dress party?
Question 13:Have you ever got into an argument over whether consciousness is an illusion?
Question 14:Do you often make odd and strange noises?
Question 15:Do you ever stare at people without looking away just to scare them?
Question 16:Do people often comment that you look dead?
Question 17:Do you talk to yourself (a lot!)
Question 18:If so, does anyone answer back?
Question 19:Have you ever made up your own language?
Question 20:If so, have you taught others it and convinced others it was real?

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